5 Easy Steps To Properly Connect Bose Desktop Speakers With Your PC

bose desktop speakers

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Bose desktop speakers have always been a go-to pick for many who want to get a stellar audio-listening experience from their PC. That is why the Bose Companion 2 Series III, Bose Companion 3, and Bose Companion 50 are still hot sellers at the moment. 

However, even people who pick up the best Bose desktop speakers struggle to properly set it up with the PC. Bose tried to simplify the user experience with their SoundTouch app, which works for most speakers. But the installation process is still a bit tricky for a user that just got their first Bose speaker. 

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Are you one of those users? You got nothing to worry about because you just landed on the right guide that will make things a piece of cake.

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How To Install Bose Desktop Speakers? 

Setting up the Bose desktop speakers is pretty straightforward. Can not agree with that? Go through these steps and see how easy the installation process actually is:

bose desktop speakers
Bose guarantees better audio quality for desktop speaker users

Step 1: Turn your PC on and plug the speakers into an outlet

Before anything else, you should get your desktop turned on. Log into your account and plug the speakers into a power outlet. You will see a port on the back with a “power” label. Insert the cord and turn the speakers on.

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Step 2: Download the SoundTouch app and open it

Once you get the speakers on, you need to download the SoundTouch app. Install it on your PC, open it, and click on the “get started.”

Step 3: Connect the speakers to the internet

If you do not plan to move the speakers around or have an unstable internet connection, you can opt for the ethernet. Locate the RJ45 (Ethernet) port on the back of the speakers and connect a network cable from the router with the speakers.

On the other hand, select the temporary WiFi network option from the speakers if you want to connect the speakers with WiFi. Your network should pop up and if you do not see your network, select the “I don’t see my network.” Press and hold the “2” and volume buttons for five seconds.

Step 4: Hook the computer speakers up with your PC

After connecting the speakers with the internet, hook them up with your PC with the USB cable. Again, the USB port will be on the back of the speakers. The app should now ask you to give your speakers a name. If you do not want to rename them, you can choose not to.

Step 5: Initialize the app

You would need to create a Bose account and add a streaming service of your choice. The speakers should be rocking tunes optimally after that!

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Wrapping Up

As you can see, learning how to set up Bose desktop speakers is pretty straightforward. And if you go through each of the steps above correctly, you will not face any issues after the setup process.

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