Bose Earbuds Rubber Replacement: 5 Best Tips on How To Properly Replace?

bose earbuds rubber replacement

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Like any other True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds and wireless earphones, the Bose Earbuds come with Bose Earbuds rubber replacement tips. Ever wondered why? Well, the ear canal size is not the same for all. So, there is no one-size-fits-all kind of situation for the earbuds. That is why the manufacturers offer extra rubber tips to get a more personalized fit. 

However, if you can not use them properly, the Bose Earbuds replacement tips that come with the box will be valueless to you. The thing is, even if the process seems a bit too intricate, it is relatively easy. And you will be in the same lane after going through the tips below.

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How To Use Bose Earbuds Replacement Parts Correctly

So, the tips that will help you to make the best use out of the Bose TWS replacement buds are as follows:

Tip 1: Test the rubber tip that comes installed

Before anything else, check how well the initial rubber tips fit in your ear. There is a high chance those tips will be perfect. Now, how will you test it? Hook the TWS on your ear and shake your head. If they sit perfectly and do not fall, you are good to go.

Tip 2: Check the Bose earbuds rubber replacement  

bose earbuds rubber replacement

Depending on the TWS from bose, it will come with the bose earbud replacement tips extra small, small, medium, or large. However, your TWS might come with three replacements with one installed. 

For example, for the Bose Soundsport, you will find three Bose Soundsport rubber replacement tips in the box. One of the Bose Soundsport earbuds replacement tips will come installed. Test all of the Bose earbuds rubber replacement tips out and see which one stays on your ear without falling off.

Tip 3: Get a firm fit

bose earbuds rubber replacement

If you struggle to get a proper fit with all replacement tips, you can carry out a straightforward trick. Pull the earlobe up a bit and insert the TWS. You should test this trick with all available replacement tips and see which offers the best overall fit.

Tip 4: Keep the sweat away from your ear canal

bose earbuds rubber replacement

Most people face the problem of Bose earbuds falling off because of sweat. A straightforward solution would be to wear a headband to keep all sweat droplets away from your ears. 

Tip 5: Opt for aftermarket replacements

bose earbuds rubber replacement

There are multiple aftermarket accessories for Bose TWS and earbuds. You can get ear hooks, high-end replacement tips, ear wings, and connecting cords. Those can help you to get a good fit.

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Final Thoughts

As you are fully aware of adequately using the bose earbuds rubber replacement tips, you will surely be getting a redefined music-listening experience with the earbuds. Happy listening!

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