Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e Launched

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e

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With various upgrades and features, the Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e will replace the previous generation Px7 headphones.

New Release
Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e

Experience comfort and elegance with these wireless Bluetooth headphones’ premium design.

When it comes to upgrades, the new Px7 S2e comes with high-performance DSP and a new sound tuning. Here, the sound tuning is directly from the engineering team of Bowers & Wilkins.

According to the brand, the tuning delivers “significant advances in overall sound quality.” The important part is that the sound quality upgrade will be noticeable in all streamed music types, including 24-bit high-resolution streams.

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e
Source: Bowers & Wilkins

The DSP of the Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e also allowed the engineers of the Bowers & Wilkins to retune the acoustic platform of the Px7 S2e. Its sound profile delivers enhanced spaciousness, dynamics, and better detail across the range.

Under the hood, the Px7 S2e continues to use the custom-designed 40mm driver units. Bowers & Wilkins crafted these driver units to specifically meet the requirements of headphone listening.

In terms of how well these drivers perform, they offer an ultra-fast response. As a result, the Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e headset can faithfully reproduce every little nuance of an audio file.

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e
Source: Bowers & Wilkins

More importantly, the pair of headphones can offer all the details of your favorite tracks with the lowest possible distortion. This’ll result in a more accurate presentation of the audio.

Alongside that, Bowers & Wilkins has carefully angled the drivers inside each of the earcups. Such a position ensures a consistent distance relative to the ears of the listeners.

Other than that, the Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e flaunts Qualcomm aptX Adaptive wireless technology. This audio tech automatically optimizes the wireless music transmission from all the compatible devices.

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e
Source: Bowers & Wilkins

That’s not all! The Px7 S2e features an optimized noise cancellation technology. It can effectively shut out the background noise and offer you a more immersive music listening experience.

In terms of specifics, the noise cancellation tech of the Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e utilizes six high-performance microphones. They work together to offer the best results.

Among them, two of them measure the output of each drive unit, and two react to the outside ambient noise. The other two are for providing outstanding voice clarity. That means you can expect a phenomenal calling experience from the Px7 S2e.

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e
Source: Bowers & Wilkins

On that note, as Bowers and Wilkins have carefully positioned and angled the microphones, the noise cancellation performance remains consistent even in the noisiest environments.

Other Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e highlights include app support for control and configuration. This app offers direct music streaming from different streaming platforms. That includes Qobuz, TuneIN, Tidal, Deezer, and NTS Radio.

Also, the battery life of the Px7 S2e is very impressive. You get up to 30 hours of runtime with a full charge. It has a 15-minute fast charging feature that can offer up to seven hours of playtime.

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e Over-Ear Headphones - Enhanced Noise Cancellation & Transparency Mode, Crystal-Clear Calls, Bluetooth, 30-Hour Playback, Ocean Blue
Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e

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