Care Orchestra Launched Celestial Rose Evo, An Exotic Italian Speaker in a Bite-sized Package

Care Orchestra Launched Celestial Rose Evo, An Exotic Italian Speakers in a Bite-sized Package

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Care Orchestra is known for offering premium-looking loudspeakers in the market. Recently, they released the Breath Evo, which took audio enthusiasts’ breath away. However, they were not that compact, and there is still a large market for small-sized bookshelf speakers, which is where the Rose Evo steps in.

These younger brothers of Breath Evo are basically two-way bookshelf speakers. The small form factor offers the option to use these as bookshelf speakers or stand mount speakers. And these speakers will come with a 15 cm woofer.

When it comes to specifications, the two-way speakers are mainly tuned for bass reflex. The nominal impedance is 8 ohms, and these have a sensitivity of 87.5 dB. In terms of the frequency range, these can work from 58 to 21 kHz. Thanks to these specs, you can expect to get room-filling audio coming out of these speakers.

Care Orchestra Launched Celestial Rose Evo, An Exotic Italian Speakers in a Bite-sized Package
Care Orchestra offers handcrafted speakers to their customers

However, the hardware is not the show’s main star for the speakers. The Italian style is really what makes the Rose Evo stand out the most. And the brand is basically showing off its production skill with this launch. They did the same thing with the launch of the Breath Evo into the audio market.

Nonetheless, the Rose Evo is available in lacquer finishes, and you will have complete freedom over the color. Thanks to that, making it blend into modern décors will not be an issue. In fact, contemporary room décors will complement the color options that the Rose Evo comes in.

You will even have the option for personalizing the leather covering the leather coverings of the leather inserts, fabrics, transducers, and exotic woods. So, it will be indeed possible to make the speakers look as premium as you want.

As these speakers have a considerably small and compact form factor, the installation will also be a breeze. In other words, worrying about not having enough space in your room for setting these up will not be necessary.

Overall, these look perfect for audio enthusiasts that are looking to get the most out of the brand’s Italian design, craftsmanship, and production skills but in a much smaller form factor. 

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