Chord Mojo Review

We need to start this review with a very simple statement, and with this statement, you could stop reading and just go buy the Chord Mojo here:


This review of the Chord Mojo amp/DAC will take a slightly different angle to our normal reviews. That is to say, we’re not going to focus on specs as much, the reason being it’s what you hear that matters most.

We first ran this using Westone W60’s and followed with Sennheiser HD 598 and Fostex TH-X00. We tried directly from our Macbook via USB and iPhone. We dialled up a recent tune which has a nice clear recorded signal – that is Lydia by Highly Suspect. Instantly the bass was tight, mids strong and tops crystal and sublime.

The W60 have long been a favourite of ours but sometimes you want a little more spark – the Mojo brought it, in spades. The HD 598, while appreciated, have never moved us…until now. We moved through a whole load of reference tunes including Damien Rice, Machine Gun Kelly, David Bowie, David Gilmour and Dave Matthews (a lot of Daves). We tried classical, rock, hip-hop, screamo, rap, acoustic, folk and more. Over and over the Mojo brought new life and depth to our music. We couldn’t stop listening. Really. Couldn’t stop.

When you see pictures of the Mojo you might think it looks a little odd – big buttons and all-rounded (they are actually balls that can roll). We noticed it wasn’t the typical amp/DAC straight lines and classic look that’s for sure. Here’s the thing – when you see this thing it’s not as big as you expect, and it looks fantastic – better than the pictures say. The control buttons are not gimmicky but instead alter colour based on the source audio file quality and the volume (red for 44.1khz – green for 96khz – white for DSD).

Holding this in our hands, it feels solid and incredibly well built. If there is such a thing as English feel, this would be it. It’s well made and gives you a feeling of confidence.

You can run two headphones off this (2 x 3.5mm plugs) and the USB options include a charging option. If you want to use this with your iPhone you just need a USB camera kit connector. Also has an optical output.

The Mojo is portable and the quality of the music will overcome any issues of weight.

The DAC chip in the Mojo was built in-house by the Chord team. Not satisfied with trusting someone else with the sound processing the Chord team decided to own the entire processing experience. The Mojo has some components seen in the Hugo, which is their high end $6,000 unit.

Bottom line, the Chord Mojo, for us, fixes our music, and levels out any issues we had with our headphones and IEM’s (yet to try our Heir 8.0 CIEM with this). It brings depth and quality, it creates transparency and an open soundstage that is not detached or too separated, the music sounds cohesive.

We’d be confident to say the W60 + Mojo is an endgame combo for us; although now we have tried the Mojo we want to pair it with other units to see how much more fun we can have. It’s actually quite possible the Mojo is the endgame DAC/Amp with anything we put with it. The HD 598 made us like them again and the TH-X00 were tight.

If you have questions ask below.

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