Clearaudio Launches the Reference Jubilee to Celebrate their 40th Anniversary

Clearaudio launches the Reference Jubilee

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Clearaudio is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the launch of the Clearaudio Reference Jubilee. It is an upgrade to their initial Reference turntable, launched in the 1980s and was the tech company’s first ever turntable.

The new Clearaudio Reference Jubilee takes the essence of the 1980s Reference model and encapsulates it with the technology and materials of today. 

Like the classic, the Reference Jubilee shares the same boomerang shape chassis. But the newer version replaces the acrylic with a performance-enhancing construction of aluminum and Panzerholz plinth.

Clearaudio launches the Reference Jubilee
Source: Clearaudio

Even though the Reference Jubilee turntable encompasses Clearaudio’s various tried and tested innovations, it is, rather, tailored and adapted. It uses an exclusive version of their trusted CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing., 

The sub-platter below the platter is made of stainless steel and weighs 8.5 kg or 18.7 lbs. Built into this sub-platter is the OSC (Optical Speed Control) of Clearaudio

Here, the optical sensor analyses the rotational speed of the sub-platter every three seconds, with 1,598 impulses per revolution, and then carries that analysis to a control unit.

This control unit—through calibrating the voltage of the motor with commendable speed stability and an operational amplifier—regulates each and every deviation.

Clearaudio launches the Reference Jubilee
Source: Clearaudio

With the use of DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor), the brand’s design team has successfully joined the two technologies and achieved the next level of consistency and precision in rotational speed. 

Generating a motor reference voltage, the 12-bit DAC converts electronics to an analog signal or analog voltage signal. As a result, the motor uses the analog output stage only, and the digital reference gets used only for compensating drifts or slow movements due to belt frictions, oil viscosity, temperature, etc. 

The 24 volts DC motor is air-core or non-magnetic and has a high torque with belt drive. So it should run extraordinarily quiet. Additionally, suspended by an intricate system of rubber “tightropes,” the housing of the entire motor gets dissociated from the main chassis.

Clearaudio launches the Reference Jubilee
Source: Clearaudio

Clearaudio’s Reference Jubilee offers three-speed options, starting from 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm. It claims a maximum power consumption of 5 watts, power consumption in operation of 2.1 watts, and about 1.8 watts in off mode.

Without power supply and tonearm, the turntable weighs approximately 22 kg or 48.5 lbs. the turntable is also compact in appearance with 19.49 x 13.5 x 6.3 inches in dimension, without tonearm. 

The setup process is also said to be efficient and arrives with the necessary accessories. Clearaudio’s new Reference Jubilee is priced at $30,000 or £29,378.

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