Want to Turn Your Smartphone into a Turntable? Check Out Yamaha TurnT!

Yamaha Turntable

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Turning your smartphone into a recording studio and a guitar amp is already possible. Ever wondered what is stopping to convert your phone into a turntable?

That is what the Yamaha Design Lab wondered. And they have put together something that will allow you to make your handheld device into a turntable.

Meet the Yahama Design Lab TurnT. It is a hipster-friendly portable speaker that comes with a stylus. However, unlike the stylus that you will find in a turntable, this one will not play any physical vinyl. 

Yamaha Turntable TurnT
Source: Jumpstory

Instead, it is designed to play virtual platters displayed on the phone’s screen. Wondering what made Yamaha think of such a thing? 

The idea was to bring a touch of analog style to the world of digital music. And using the Yamaha TurnT is as easy as using a regular turntable. You just need to drop the needle onto the virtual wax on the screen, and the speaker will start playing your favorite tracks.

To offer a proper turntable experience, Yamaha has kept all the functionality easy to use. For example, to change the album, all you need to do is swipe the phone screen.

Yamaha Turntable TurnT
Source: Jumpstory

That said, the device is just a concept. However, it is not the only conceptual audio art that has stepped out of Yamaha’s lab.

Dubbed the “Stepping Out of the Slate,” four designs are available in the “new music devices collection.” All four designs are designed to work with smartphone apps.

Among the four “new music devices,” the whackiest one is The Winder. It is a music box key that plays “just one song” after you wind it up. 

Yamaha design lab has taken a step forward and gone through the trouble of making it offering “flutter of the spring” to provide you with a pitch-perfect digital track that has an authentic mechanical wobble. 

Yamaha Turntable TurnT
Source: Jumpstory

So, you can imagine how much time and effort the team behind the lab is putting into these conceptual devices.

Then, there is the MusicLight, which will make it possible to have the most romantic night with your loved ones. It is a real candle that plays music when you light it up.

And it definitely can set the mood right for a special time with your special person. But what happens when you extinguish the flame? The track from the device will “fades away with an afterglow.”

Finally, there is the RhythmBot. It taps out wooden percussion sounds to offer extra oomph to your favorite digital music. And you can easily pair the device up with the songs you will listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, or other streaming platforms.

Yamaha TT-N503 MusicCast Vinyl 500 Wi-Fi Turntable (Piano Black)
Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl 500 Wi-Fi Turntable

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