Cleer Audio Arc II Sport: Control the Wireless Earbuds by Moving Your Head!

Cleer Audio Arc II Sport

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If you don’t like to tap your earbuds to control the playback or change the volume, the Cleer Audio Arc II Sport should be your next purchase.

New Release
Cleer Audio Arc II Sport

Experience the best of both worlds with open ear headphones that deliver high-quality sound while keeping you aware of your surroundings.

It is a newly unveiled pair of buds that are designed for people with active lifestyles and runners. And to make the new offering stand out, Cleer has opted for a thoughtful design and a new input parameter.

When it comes to the design, the Cleer Audio Arc II Sport comes with a unique ear hook and hinge design. The buds have an improved shape and higher overall flexibility too.

Cleer Audio Arc II Sport
Source: Cleer Audio

All of these will make sure you get a secure and comfortable fit. Like the predecessor, the Clear Audio Arc II Sport is an open-ear wireless earbud. 

This open-ear nature of the buds will let you be more aware of the environment and commute safely. But instead of making the ear-tip tunnel through your ear, the Cleer Audio Arc II Sport has open-ear units that sit right above the ear canal. 

Through this placement, the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds channel sound while allowing the background sound to go through.

Cleer Audio Arc II Sport
Source: Cleer Audio

Other than that, the Cleer Audio Arc II Sport comes with 16.2 mm neodymium drivers. The buds have support for high-quality aptX adaptive through Bluetooth. 

These two should offer you an enhanced audio experience. Moreover, you have Snapdragon Sound certification, which should enhance the audio performance even further.

In terms of call quality, the buds can capture voice with maximum clarity and precision with the aptX voice technology.

Cleer Audio Arc II Sport
Source: Cleer Audio

And the microphones are designed to minimize the wind noise. So, you can expect to have a great call experience regardless of your environment.

Of course, as you might have guessed, there’s no Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). After all, the earbuds come with an open-ear design. But as Cleer points out, it is a rather safety benefit rather than a limitation.

You have Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity, enabling you to switch audio input between multiple connected devices. But the most important feature of the earbuds is the head tracking control.

Cleer Audio Arc II Sport
Source: Cleer Audio

There’s a six-axis motion sensor, which will let you take calls, adjust the volume, and control the playback with head gesture controls.

You can also enhance the user experience by making further adjustments to the Cleer Audio Arc II Sport. It bundles with the Cleer+ app, letting you customize the sound profile and even access the onboard step counter.

Finally, the build quality of the Cleer Audio Arc II Sport is up to the mark with the current flagships. Also, it’s durable and has an IPX5 rating. Thanks to the IP rating, you can wear it during the rain without any worries.

Cleer Audio ARC II Sport Bluetooth 5.3, Open Ear Earbuds for Android & iPhone, Snapdragon Sound, Wireless Earbud, 35hr Battery, IPX5 Water Resistant, 16.3mm Drivers w/Multipoint Connection Black
Cleer Audio Arc II Sport

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