Denon PerL Earbuds Can Now Measure Your Hearing!

Denon PerL

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While Sony is preparing its latest high-end wireless earbuds, Denon PerL decided to shake up the market with its innovative features. 

Here, the PerL naming is specific to the earbuds. It stands for “Personalized Listening.” And from the name alone, you can tell that PerL is not just another regular pair of earbuds. 

To be exact, Denon wants it to stand out greatly from the fiercely competitive market. For that to happen, the Denon PerL utilizes the patented “Adaptive Acoustic Technology” from its parent company Masimo.

Denon PerL
Source: Denon

This technology allows the earbuds to create a personal audio profile. And that will eventually offer a personalized listening experience.

That said, the Denon PerL comes in two versions. There is a premium model that Denon has launched alongside the standard one and it goes by Denon PerL Pro.

According to the Founder and CEO of Masimo Joe Kiani, “The era of one-sound-fits-all is over. PerL automatically figures out the optimal sound for each individual to cater to your unique ears.”

Denon PerL
Source: Denon

Joe adds, “With the launch of PerL, we are transcending the listening experience (and) we can’t wait to have our customers join us in this new paradigm.”

With Masimo’s expertise in the medical field, the AAT feature has been designed to automatically measure your hearing. 

After the initial screening, it creates a profile that perfectly matches your hearing needs. And as it measures the fain otoacoustic emissions (OEAs), the profile it creates is perfectly tuned.

Denon PerL
Source: Denon

Moreover, the bundled app of Denon PerL utilizes AI power. It makes the sound profile accordingly to further enhance the audio experience with the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds. When it comes to audio quality, Deno says that the PerL can offer “a streaming experience similar to listening to a CD.” 

And it comes with multiple high-end audio technologies too. For example, the PerL pro has Qualcomm AptX Lossless audio and support for spatial audio with the integration of Dirac Virtuo.

Other than that, the Denon PerL has Bluetooth 5.3 and support for SBC and AAC codecs. The cheaper model has Bluetooth 5.0 and supports standard aptX codecs. 

Denon PerL
Source: Denon

There’s no spatial audio support on the standard model, but it does come with AAT. Moreover, the regular model does not have support for Bluetooth multipoint connectivity. 

But you will find it in the Pro version. And regarding the battery life, the PerL pro can last for a total of thirty-two hours. There’s a quick charge mechanism present too. 

Both models support Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) with a transparent “social mode.” So, overall, the Denon PerL might actually have what it takes to take on the upcoming Sony WF-1000XM5.

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