Cleer Audio Arc II Sport is Smarter than Your Average Wireless Buds

Cleer Audio Arc II Sport

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Cleer Audio Arc II Sport open-ear earbuds is the latest addition that joined the company’s smart speakers and high-performance headphones portfolio. 

As the name suggests, it is unlike most of the other wireless earbuds available in the market. Instead, it is sports-centric. And to make it perform true to its name, Cleer Audio has opted for a sports-specific design. 

It comes with an improved ear hook design, which makes sure that the buds stay on even when you are carrying out explosive movements. Most importantly, Cleer Audio Arc has integrated smart features into the charging case. 

Cleer Audio Arc II Sport
Source: Cleer Audio

Basically, things can get quite messy when you are exercising and playing any sport. And the charging case with the earbuds goes with you in many places. See the connection?

To make sure that the germs do not spread around through the earbuds, the case of Cleer Audio Arc II Sport features a UV-C light. This smart feature will reduce bacteria while the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds are charging.

In addition, the buds come with an IPX5 rating, which will ensure that water and sweat do not get to the internals. 

Cleer Audio Arc II Sport
Source: Cleer Audio

You will even find an anti-loss smart feature, which will help you locate the buds when you accidentally drop them.

But the sports-centric features are not all there’s to it. The Cleer Audio Arc open-ear earbuds also prioritizes the overall audio experience. 

The buds pack 16.2mm neodymium drivers that beam directly to the ear canal. So, you are sure to get a rich and detailed listening experience.

Cleer Audio Arc II Sport
Source: Cleer Audio

Additionally, the buds boast aptX Adaptive, hence, it works like a charm in delivering an immersive experience. 

And thanks to that 6-Axis sensor, you can easily control the buds with hands-free gestures. Moreover, the Arc II open-ear earbuds Sport has aptX Voice technology. 

This tech enables the buds to offer a clear call quality and better wind noise reduction. And it does not stop there. You will find Snapdragon Sound and LE Audio compatibility

Cleer Audio Arc II Sport
Source: Cleer Audio

These two are geared towards offering you a redefined wireless earbuds experience. Also, for having Bluetooth 5.3, you get enhanced wireless connectivity too.

The Cleer Audio Arc open-ear earbuds even have multipoint connectivity. Thanks to that, you can keep the buds connected to multiple devices and seamlessly switch between them.

Regarding the battery life, you get 8 hours from the buds and an additional 27 hours from the charging case. That totals 35 hours of runtime, which is a lot.

And you can adjust the buds’ settings with the Cleer+ app. That includes EQ, controls, and even installing new firmware.

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