Brand New Piega MLS 2 Gen2 Speakers are Highly Versatile

Piega MLS 2 Gen2 Speakers

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The Piega MLS 2 Gen2 is the brand new product in the block that you should definitely check out. Of course, they might be out of your budget. 

For its price tag, you can basically compare it to a high-end car, which is not for everyone. But all the tech that it brings to the table is undoubtedly exciting. 

So, MLS stands for Master Line Source and the 1st Gen product of the series was a huge hit. To make the 2nd Gen a worthy upgrade, Piega has made it smaller, stronger, and, most importantly, extremely versatile.

Piega MLS 2 Gen2 Speakers
Source: Piega

One of the main highlights of the Piega MLS 2 Gen2 is that it comes with coaxial line source technology. 

This technology aims to make the sound waves focus directly on the listener. That will eventually provide a precise and dynamic sound.

Even though the Piega MLS 2 Gen2 has a compact cabinet, it comes with reinforcements. But the enhanced build quality is not there only to make it durable and resistant. 

Piega MLS 2 Gen2 Speakers
Source: Piega

Piega has made sure that it contributes to the bass too. Inside, there are two 22cm UHQD drivers, along with two passive radiators. They are explicitly for bass duties. 

According to Piega, the low-frequency production is on par with a regular-sized floor-standing speaker. And for a speaker of this size, that’s pretty impressive.

However, the Piega MLS 2 Gen2 is not all about high-quality bass. The dipoles, ribbon tweeters, and coaxial line sources are there to revamp the overall audio output. 

Piega MLS 2 Gen2 Speakers
Source: Piega

Piega claimed that the sound of the MLS 2 Gen2 extends further than convention speakers. That basically helps the speakers to avoid reflections from the ceiling and floor. 

The sound is said to be so focused that room calibration and tuning are not something you will need to do on these speakers. Piega says speakers have “perfect localization and convincing timing.”

In other words, the Piega MLS 2 Gen2 performs equally at home. Whether you have installed the speakers near walls or in a complex room, you are sure to get the same experience. 

Piega MLS 2 Gen2 Speakers
Source: Piega

Piega has basically made the mid-high frequency and bass unit transform into something homogenous, easily creating a natural and immersive soundstage. Apart from that, the Piega MLS 2 Gen2 looks premium too. The speakers come with aluminum fronts. 

Regarding the color options, they are available in Zebrano wood, matte white, and black finishes. And all of them look sleek and blend exceptionally well with different setups. Impressed with all that you have read?

The speakers are now available for purchase. But as hinted earlier, the speakers come with a very hefty price tag!

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