Combine 24-Bit Quality With THX Spatial Audio = Magic To The Ears!

THX Spatial Audio

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Qobuz subscribers can now be capable of listening to 24-bit tracks that are mixed with new spatial audio technology. And the great news is that you will not need specific headphones to enjoy it. 

Any will do! All of these came to the subscribers for the collab between the hi-res music service, music artists, and THX.

Now, among those music artists, there are Anat Cohen, Dinosaur Jr, and Circuit Des Yeux. Regardless of your understanding of the immersive music experience, you must admit that “spatial audio” has been continuing to be a buzzword for quite a long time now. 

THX Spatial Audio
Source: Razer

Apple started this bandwagon, and Dolby Atmos Music has kept the momentum going. And recently, most of the music streaming services are amping up their game, thanks to all the things that Dolby Atmos Music and Apple Spatial Audio have done. 

The case is pretty much the same for the THX Spatial Audio. It is here to offer users a new and unique way to listen to music. THX Spatial Audio aims to provide an immersive music-listening experience by combining hi-res audio quality with a “live” spatial effect. 

According to THX, “Spatial Audio uses advanced signal processing to place sounds ‘out of the head’ and transform conventional audio with realistic acoustics ensuring a unique listening experience, whether simulating a recording studio or an authentic virtual environment.”

THX Spatial Audio
Source: Razer

Considering that you do not need a particular type of headphones to enjoy what THX Spatial Audio is offering here, you can easily experience all it has to offer. Also, this no special headphone requirement makes the THX Spatial Audio one up Apple’s Spatial Audio. 

You would need the AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, Beats Fit Pro, or AirPods 3rd Gen for that. But as you can see, the case is totally different for the spatial audio from THX.

However, the special mixes are not getting available in a wave. Instead, they are arriving in a trickle. The initial mixes that are available are from Anat Cohen, Dinosaur Jr, and Circuit Des Yeux. 

And the mixes from each are Double Dare, Calling Vic Juris, and Whenever You’re Ready. Also, it is worth noting that THX has previously released EPs, albums, and singles that are rendered within the Spatial Audio technology.

THX Spatial Audio
Source: Qobuz

And these tracks were from different artists and are available on various platforms. Nonetheless, the 24-bit music combined with THX Spatial Audio offers a unique music-listening experience here.

And it is a piece of great news for audio enthusiasts because Spatial Audio is now becoming more and more accessible.

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