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The Highly Anticipated Sonos Sub Mini Just Got Delayed?

Sonos Sub Mini

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Sonos has been reportedly working on their next product for quite a while now. Although there have not been any official details regarding the product, rumors suggest it will be called the Sonos Sub Mini. 

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The good news regarding the speaker was that it is planned to be a cheaper and more affordable version of the Sonos Sub. And the bad news is that it just got delayed.

The company has just recently faced worse-than-expected third-quarter earnings. And that put a major dent in the brand’s plans with the Sonos Sub Mini.

Sonos Sub Mini
Source: Sonos

Erin Pategas, the Sonos spokesperson, confirmed the news to The Verge by stating, ” I can confirm we decided to push an anticipated product launch from Q4 ’22 into Q1 ’23.”

This cheap and affordable Sonos Sub Mini first appeared at the FCC back in June. This appearance made many speculate that it would launch this summer. 

But we are heading our way to the first fiscal quarter of 2023, which starts from 1st October to 31st December of 2022. And there has not been any confirmation regarding the exact date of the release.

Sonos Sub Mini
Source: Sonos

But what explains the worse-than-expected third-quarter earnings? The demand for the newly released Sonos Ray wireless soundbar has been a little softer than expected. Experts suggest that global “macroeconomic” challenges are the reason why.

Furthermore, you need to consider that there has been a massive slowdown in TV sales. That is another reason Sonos Ray did not sell according to the brand’s expectations.

That said, both of these factors did not only play a major role in terms of the sales performance of Sonos Ray, but also had a knock-on effect on the Sonos Sub Mini. But there is a silver lining. 

Patrick Spence, the CEO of the company, quickly reassured the investors that the company is still “committed to two new product launches each year.”

Sonos Sub Mini
Source: Sonos

Considering that statement, you could say that there will surely be another product from Sonos this year. And as the first product of the year was the Sonos Ray, Sonos Sub Mini will likely be the second one. 

In fact, the Sub Mini is one of the most anticipated products from the company. The fans and audio specialists are looking ahead at what the brand can offer in a product with such a small form factor. 

Sonos Sub Mini
Source: Sonos

Sonos Ray did already prove some of the company’s capabilities in that regard. It is an affordable and compact yet impressive soundbar. 

And considering how great the Sonos Ray has performed, Sonos did set a high expectation bar for the Sonos Sub Mini. But, again, time will tell whether it does live up to the expectation or not.

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