22 Percent Deal on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Makes It a Perfect Gift for Your Friend Who Still Uses Analogue Watches

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Deal

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Budget smartwatches have always been a disappointment. Most of them will either lacks the basic features or can’t offer good performance extremely. That made many of us stick with analog watches. But why would you even have to look for a budget-friendly option when the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is on sale?

Best Value
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5

Enjoy phone-like capabilities but leave your phone behind. All you need is your Galaxy Watch5 with LTE Connectivity. You can make or take calls, track workouts, send texts and pull up a playlist anywhere, anytime, without your phone or Wi-Fi.

Yes, you read that right! You can now get great savings on the Galaxy Watch 5! And it is not like the budget smartwatches at all. 

In fact, it is on a totally different spectrum. Samsung has made the watch get phone-like capabilities. And it even comes with LTE connectivity, meaning you will not need to panic when you forget your phone at home.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Deal
Source: Samsung

The Galaxy Watch 5 also comes with WiFi, which means you will always be connected to the internet. And by keeping it connected, you can send texts, stream your favorite playlist, and take or make calls.

Other than that, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is highly focused on health monitoring. It integrates an advanced sleep coaching feature. 

That manages the overall sleep quality by analyzing your sleep. It will also make it more manageable for you to develop healthy sleeping habits.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Deal
Source: Samsung

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 does Body Composition Analysis. Through this, you will get data on water level, skeletal muscle, fat, BMI, and basal metabolic rate of your body. 

In other words, you will have every information you need to monitor your health. There are multiple sensors on the Galaxy Watch 5. 

But most importantly, Samsung has integrated accurate sensors into the watch. For example, the heart rate sensor can offer extremely accurate data.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Deal
Source: Samsung

The watch also has an automatic workout-tracking feature. With that, you can make the most out of your adventures and workout sessions. 

And Samsung has integrated over 90 exercise modes into the watch. So, you can expect to get all the data from the exercise sessions, no matter what type of exercise it is.

Worrying about the battery life will not be necessary either. The Galaxy Watch 5 comes with a long-lasting battery. The watch will not die on you, even on your busiest day.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Deal
Source: Samsung

Besides that, Samsung has put a proper amount of emphasis on build quality. It comes with sapphire crystal glass, which is 1.6 times stronger than regular glass. Also, the GPS on the watch is very reliable. So, you can rely on it for every navigational task.

Overall, this is an excellent deal on a smartwatch that you can completely rely on for staying connected and monitoring your health. Do not let it get out of stock before you get one or more for your friends and family.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 40mm LTE Smartwatch w/ Body, Health, Fitness and Sleep Tracker, Improved Battery, Sapphire Crystal Glass, Enhanced GPS Tracking, US Version, Silver Bezel w/ Purple Band
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5

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