Do You Play Spotify Heardle? It’s Going Down on May 5!

Spotify Heardle

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In case you didn’t know, Spotify Heardle is a Wordle-like game where you have to guess the music instead of just words. 

If you have played it, you probably know how fun it is. Spotify launched it a year ago, and it is already planned to go down on May 5.

So, you have a couple of weeks to enjoy the game. After May 5, you will not be able to access it anymore. In addition to that, all your data for Heardle will be gone forever too.

Spotify Heardle
Source: Spotify

Now, it is not like that Spotify Heardle was not popular. After the successful launch of Wordle, the music-guessing game got 69 million monthly visitors. That’s a lot! Did not have the chance to play the game and want to know what it is actually like? 

The game functions pretty similarly to Wordle. When you get into the game, you will have six guesses to figure out the song that’s playing. 

To make things difficult, the game will only play snippets of the game. So, it was challenging to determine what the song was.

Spotify Heardle
Source: Spotify

But yes, the game expands the snippet whenever you give a wrong guess. That increases the odds of you figuring out what the title of the song actually is. 

However, the game ends in the same manner for every outcome. That is, whether you win or lose, it will send you the link to that song, inviting you to check it out.

Overall, the game was fun to play. After all, when Spotify Heardle came out, it posed to be a music discovery tool. 

And it did find success in that regard. Playing the game would allow you to discover new music you might like. It also allowed users to find old and forgotten songs or amazing new artists. But it seems that Spotify Heardle was not popular enough to be around. 

Spotify Heardle
Source: Spotify

According to a spokesperson from Spotify, “After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to say goodbye to Heardle as we focus our efforts on other features for music discovery.”

The decision might have something to do with the recent overhaul. In case you missed it, Spotify now has a Tiktok-style discovery feed. It allows users to browse an infinite carousel of podcasts, music, and playlists. Some of them also come with videos.

With that in place, Spotify Heardle was losing its spark. But the good part is that Spotify has stated that “Spotify employees will be impacted” by the shutdown of Heardle. So, there will be no layoffs for the closure of the project.

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