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DONNER Dobuds ONE on a charging case

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Donner Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.2 Earphones with 4 Mic Clear Calls, 12mm Drivers, App for Custom EQ, 32H Playtime, Fast Charging, Transparency - Dobuds ONE,Pea Green
Donner Dobuds One

Yo today 4 minute down we are talking about the Donna do buds 1. Hybrid true wireless active noise cancelling earbuds. So excited. Why am I so excited? Because north restart the issue showed up. I didn’t know who sent them to me. I was like where did these come from? Eventually Donna I got them from Donna so I said thank you very much. I will check these out and give an honest review to my viewers and the the reason that I was excited was rebel rebel rebel was that these have hybrid drivers so they have a dynamic driver and a balanced armature.

Driver in a true wireless earbud with active noise cancellation. Not many brands at the moment can boast that kind of configuration in the true Wallace earbuds, so I was super excited being a big fan of any monitors. Obviously most of which are either running or balanced armature or hybrid or a tribrid these days with electrostatic anyway, so these are. True wireless, they have touch sensitive external. Yep bits here. Which you can touch and tap to do lots of things in the box you get before I go back to how they work you get a USB charger. You get the charging case, which is actually a really good looking little unit.

Charging at the back and if I put the units back in, you’ll be able to see. At the front. You know, we’ve got Pretty Little lights that flash and do things. There’s up to three there when it’s all ready to go, and once you put them in your ear, then obviously you can tap the outsides of these so you also get 4. Four peers, not four individual, not like 2 peers, but four so too large and too kind of smaller ear silicons with these, which is brilliant for if you want to change sizes and these don’t fit so well, they come with medium and medium is 9 times out of 10.

What’s going to fit most people, plus the instruction manual which I actually read for a change because I really wanted to make sure I got the best out of these. The touch controls you know you’ve got volume down, volume up, double tap is you can hang and pick up phone calls. You know you can press and hold to just mute or block calls, or press and hold for like 1 and a half seconds to skip tracks back and forth. So pretty standard once you get used to them. I really just found myself double tapping to play double tapping to pause or just volume down volume up that was kind of I don’t tend to take a lot of phone calls on my earbuds now range on the Bluetooth was impressive.

Donner Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.2 Earphones with 4 Mic Clear Calls, 12mm Drivers, App for Custom EQ, 32H Playtime, Fast Charging, Transparency - Dobuds ONE,Pea Green
Donner Dobuds One ANC TWS

I have this little routine where at the office I walk out into the hallway around to the kitchen and if the Bluetooth earbuds are still solid connected? Well then I’d just give them the thumbs up so you definitely get that with these guys. So the transparency mode, obviously that’s all in there. 32 hour battery life, so let’s really just get down to the sound quality.

So what’s it like having a dynamic driver in a balanced armature in a true wireless active noise cancelling headphones say that 10 times after a couple of tequilas the it’s really awesome. They’re so full and rich. Like there’s this. Really lovely. Well, well rounded. A big feel to it. You know high fire. Feel to it. The bottom end. Those balanced armatures, bringing that warmth. The dynamic driver bringing that bottom end now over a long period of time, the meds and the trebles can sound a little bit compressed, and I’m talking like two or three hours that I was listening to these and kind of getting that kind of.

You know, like long listening, kind of slightly fatigued, a little bit in the mids, but on the whole, and I’m not sure what these going to retail at, so that would really help me to tell you that you know whether for the price they are like on the money or not. I expect they’re going to be because I’m really delighted with these, especially if you’re doing a one hour or less commute. I’m not sure that I would use them on a 17 hour flight, but then I would use my QC 45 for that anyway, but I would just, you know, it. Just they just sound really nice. So if they could crisp up the mids and the travels just a little bit, just kind of make them a little bit more alive and a little less compressed the they would certainly get a 5 out of five stars, but as they are with that full rich bottom end, if you like listening to.

You know you know. Particularly rock music came out really well with these, you know, just really nice. And like you know, if you’re listening to anything like a Jack Harlow or something in the moment and it’s really good anyway. I’m out of time. That’s 4 minutes of talking about it. Have a great day. So four out of five solid stars, Donna, do bunch, one check them out when they come on the market. Brand new, love it. Bye for now.

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