Falcon Reference Speakers: A Quick Guide to find the Best Bass Response Speaker

falcon reference speakers

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The Falcon Reference Series is a gift for the serious audiophile and marks a quantum leap in applying new creative technologies for loudspeakers. The company made no compromises in terms of quality and engineering throughout the development process of the series. 

If you notice the elements used in the latest falcon reference speakers, you can understand how it is different from its competitors.

1. Use of the Best Material

falcon reference speakers

Falcon Acoustics has taken its time and researched for the most optimal element to build reference speakers. The company has found Graphene to be an amazing material to employ to build cone materials. 

Graphene decreases drive reaction times dramatically, allowing for the use of lighter cones with increased stiffness and damping qualities.

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2. Toughness of Falcon Acoustics Speaker Kit

Graphene is a one-atom-thick carbon lattice with a double dimensional structure, the hardest material yet found for its tensile strength of 130 gigapascals (GPa). It outperforms 0.4GPa for high tensile steel and 0.38GPa for Kevlar. 

It is also exceedingly light, at 0.77mg/m2. Thus, a single sheet spanning the size of a football field would still weigh less than 1g. As a result, in addition to its amazing electrical and optical qualities, the combination of lightweight and unique rigidity makes Graphene an ideal material for reinforcing a speaker cone. 

3. Uncomparable Bass Response

falcon reference speakers

The Falcon reference speakers’ Sonaweave Graphene enriched Nano-Platelet cone is a completely new cone to be included in the base units. Falcon electronics developed it during Graphene research. 

This cone is 60% lighter in weight than standard cones, plus it has significantly improved stiffness and damping. Along with a well-controlled roll-off, the bass response and rebound are instantly noticeable due to these significantly enhanced qualities.

4. Distortion-Free Tweeter

Falcon electronics’ 2-inch domed horn-loaded midrange has an inverse Hypocycloid profile for the waveguide, which exhibits remarkable acoustic qualities, ensuring that each driver unit is optimized to the greatest extent possible. 

The unit’s in-house engineering guarantees that the response is as smooth as possible and that distortion levels are kept minimum. Specific changes are also made to the ribbon tweeter to produce an incredibly smooth response.

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5. Faultless Finish of Falcon Reference Speakers

The speaker’s cabinet is handcrafted in Italy from laminated 25mm MDF with an additional 9mm of damping. The 38mm Alcantara-covered baffle has been computer-profiled, and the 18mm stronger rear panel has Falcon-profiled heatsinks inside a toled rear plate. 

Finishes include actual wood veneers in Walnut and Mahogany, exotic wood composites, or any high gloss RAL color user. Metalwork constructed of MIC6 Aluminium Cast Tool Plate complements the smoked glass top.

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Wrapping Up

It is difficult to discuss all aspects of the Falcon Reference speakers since they are so meticulously designed. The Reference speakers seem smooth, controlled, and inoffensive. 

Their unflappable politeness reflects their high-quality construction and finish and price. The luscious, room-filling sound wave is easily accessible, but some listeners may regard it as a trade-off for sharp detail, dynamics, and compelling engagement.

(Image: Falcon)

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