Will Apple Finally Offer a Charger With a Power Rating More Than 20 Watts?

Will Apple Finally Offer a Charger With a Power Rating More Than 20 Watts

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We did see Apple scraping up the AirPower Wireless chargers that everyone was so excited about. However, that does not mean that Apple users will not be able to charge multiple devices with the same brick in the future. A wired charge may be on its way that can power up to two of your Apple devices at the same time!

The trusty Apple insider, 9to5Mac, has spotted a supporting document for the charger on Apple’s official website. However, it did not stay up for a prolonged amount of time. After a few moments of it staying up on the website, Apple swiftly took it down.

Nonetheless, 9to5Mac did get most of what the new charger is all about. The brick has two USB-C ports. It is one of the first kinds to come out from Apple. 

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Will Apple Finally Offer a Charger With a Power Rating More Than 20 Watts

And the total power is purportedly at 35 watts. That would be more than enough to charge two Apple products at the same time, including iPads, AirPods, iPhones, and most importantly, MacBooks. Now, that is impressive!

Things got more heated up when Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple analyst, tweeted about the charger about a month ago. According to the analyst, the charger will boast the all-new charging technology: GaN. Otherwise known as gallium nitride, this charging technology allows the brick to be small in size but makes it capable of pumping comparatively more juice through the port.

But that is not all GaN is all about. The technology produces significantly low heat. That means that the small form factor of the brick will not bring any charging performance deterioration. But the thing is, the support document did not mention anything about GaN technology.

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Will Apple Finally Offer a Charger With a Power Rating More Than 20 Watts

However, DigiTimes has previously reported that Apple was developing GaN charging bricks with USB Type C connectivity. So, if you put the piece of the puzzle together, things really make sense. 

In this era where Android phones are getting 120 watts fast chargers out of the box, a reasonably fast charger or at least a dual charging brick from Apple is a long overdue.

Now, the burning question is, why did Apple take down the supporting document? Well, it could be that the published document could have been an error. Or Apple realized that the product support documentation should not be up on their website before the official unveiling. 

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Will Apple Finally Offer a Charger With a Power Rating More Than 20 Watts

Or, the product was probably scrapped like the AirPower. And we might not even see it on the shelves in the future. But if it is already on Apple’s timeline, we are sure to see it unveiled pretty soon.

(Image Credit: Apple)

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