FiFine H8 Headphones Review – Budget Studio Cans Worth The Price?

FiFine H8 Headphones - 8D Audio

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Release Date
July 12, 2022
9.3 oz
7.91 x 6.54 x 3.58 in

FiFine are, for a lot of people, better known for its production of gaming accessories including and specifically its headphones range. 

They’re distinguishable from excellent use of LED lighting and if you haven’t seen it, then check out our review on the H6 Ampligame gaming headphone with microphone, which I was most impressed with.

For the price, it’s got so many features and a decent sound with an especially high-end sounding microphone that it’s hard not to recommend it.

FiFine sent me the H8 to listen to as well and to give you honest feedback. So this is an unadulterated take on these very affordable studio headphones.

Budget Pick

FiFine H8 Budget Studio Monitoring Headphones

Cheap and effective budget studio headphones with a decent neutral-ish sound signature

Price Range: $
Brand: Fifine
FiFine H8 Headphones connected to a phone


If you’re looking for budget studio headphones then the FiFine H8 should be in your list. The sound is really good at this price point.

A couple of things I’d change but at this price, if I was 18 years old, huddled over my mixing desk I would be happy to be using these to master my mixes.

Mostly neutral sound signature and a decent build quality.

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The Specs

  • Connectivity Technology:  Wired
  • Unit Driver Size:  50mm Dia.
  • Impedance:  32Ω±15%
  • Padding Materials :  Leatherette
  • Compatiability:  Mixer, Sound Card, Keyboard, Computer, Xbox, Phones
  • Suitable for:  Podcast/Recording/Monitoring

What’s in the Box?

  • FiFine H8 Headphones
  • 1 x 3.5mm Cable
  • 1 x 6.35mm Cable

Stuff I like

  • Super price = value for money
  • Bungy cables – who doesn’t love a bungy cable?
  • 2 x cables included which is decent (3.5mm and 1/4″ jack plugs)
  • Good sound signature with a relatively neutral sound

Stuff I like less

  • Shallow earcups – drivers sit close to ears
  • Not brilliant for big heads

Comparable products to consider

OneOdio Monitor 60
OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones

An impressive unit for the price. Great sound for listening with comfortable earcups.

Sennheiser HD 206
Sennheiser HD 206

Lightweight closed-back headphones with decent sound and good volume.

Review Metrics

Sound Quality: 8
Bass: 8
Mids: 8
Treble: 8
Sound Isolation: 8
Build Quality: 8
Comfort & Fit: 8
Value for Money: 9
Accessories: 8
Review Metrics Average: 8.11 / 10

Tech specs

The FiFine H8 3.5-millimeter headphones come with a 50-millimeter dynamic driver for gaming and listening to music. 

You can also use them for monitoring, and the neutral balance and neutral sound signature make them excellent budget-mixing headphones if you’re playing around at home on your MacBook with iMovie or even a USB audio interface, and you’re mixing up some tunes or a podcast even.

They have a 50-millimeter dynamic driver and a 3.5-millimeter jack plug on the left headset, which you can use with the two included cables. 

One which is a 3.5 to 3.5-millimeter plug and one which is a 3.5 to ¼ inch jack, which is great for your hi-fi amp or studio monitoring rack in your studio.

FiFine H8 Headphones connected to a phone
With the 3.5mm cable inclusion, you can easily connect it to most smartphones | Make Life Click

The frequency ranges 20Hz to 20 kHz and the resistance is 32 ohms. So, you don’t need anything overly powerful to make these sound decent, and running them off my laptop or smartphone, they sounded full and don’t need much more power than that.

They were only released this year, so they’re definitely still considered a new release in the headphone world. 

Who do they suit? 

These definitely suit anyone that is looking at a budget monitoring headset.

Anybody who likes a neutral sound stage for music listening, especially anyone on a budget, and I would say that anyone with a smaller head would find these more comfortable than I did.

Things that I would change

If I was going to change anything about the FiFine H8 headphones, it would be to deepen the ear cups slightly as I do feel that the drivers are almost resting on your ear, even for a circumaural headphone.

And I would make the headband just a smidge wider so that it was a little more comfortable for really long sessions.

I would also extend the cable length of the included cables just a little bit. Whilst they do have a bungee cord, they are quite short if your rack or audio interface is on the right-hand side as the 3.5-mill plug goes into the left ear cup.

FiFine H8 Headphones coiled wire
Detachable coiled cables | Make Life Click

Build quality

Build quality is good. Certainly, nothing to complain about. The machining and the molding are well done.

The slide on the ear band feels really good and solid. No concerns about this becoming excessively loose over time or breaking.

The cans for each ear cup themselves are solid, so I definitely have no complaints about the build quality. They are very light headphones, which surprised me, but the 50-mill drivers as they are sound good. So being light isn’t a criticism in this case.


Bass is not too warm and not too light. Fills out the sound stage very well. There is a little bit of spill from the lower mids into the bass and it can make it feel a bit lose from time to time, but it’s still tight enough to be clear and enjoyable.

It’s not inflated and this is what for me makes it a great budget mixing and monitoring headphone, and the overall sound stage doesn’t push the bass too high. 

If you know that the lower mids and upper bass do tend to be a little bit pillowy, you can make allowances for that when you’re mixing, recording, or listening to music to cater for that, compensate for that.

FiFine H8 Headphones ear cups cushion
Earmuffs with soft padding for a comfortable feeling | Make Life Click


The mids are not too bright and probably not bright enough for what I would like. They present well and there is a good mix of vocals, guitar, and snare drum. They all feel very present and not too far back in the mix. 

They are a little bit back, but not really that noticeable. If they’re a little bit brighter, I would certainly give these a very high rating for mids at this price point. 

The overall tuning though makes me feel like if they added too much more to the mids it might become a little screechy.


Treble is similar to the mids. It’s not as bright as I might like, but it’s definitely there. Again, not as bright as I might like, but if pushed much harder, again, might become a little overwhelming and increase any risk of fatigue while listening to these cans or monitoring them.

FiFine has done a really good job of tuning these to match the quality of the driver. I think they have balanced them very well and produced a decent overall sound quality for the quality of the production materials

Other than the two cables, you don’t really get anything in the box, it’s just the headphones, but what else do you need? 

I’m not sure I’ve ever really used one of the bags supplied with headphones for transporting them and these are probably most likely to just sit on your desk at home and are better on a stand.

FiFine H8 Headphones on a headphone stand
Featuring flexible or adjustable headband | Make Life Click

Overall thoughts and feelings about the FiFine H8 headphones

For the most part, I’ve had a real blast with these. 

At the price, they really are good value for money. The bass being tight enough even if it is a little soft sometimes, it is still impactful and there is a good hit when the bass of the kick drum comes through or there’s a deep bass drop in whatever beats you’re listening to. 

The balance between the bass, mids, and treble is good, and there aren’t any particular complaints I have about the overall sound stage.

I’d be happy if this was the budget I had to spend and these were the headphones I got. My comments about the ear cups being a little too shallow and the headband being a little tight are not issues that would block me from buying these. 

The soft squidgy headband, which is a leatherette material, feels really great, and the bungee cords just add to finishing off an excellent package.

FiFine H8 Headphones and packaging
FIFINE H8 Headphones with an impressive box and cable inclusions | Make Life Click

Whether you’re gaming, mixing, monitoring, podcasting, or just listening to music at home and your budget is under the $40 mark, these are definitely worth a listen, and in my opinion, being seen with a bungee cord on your headphones, if you’re commuting with these, just gives you extra street cred. 

Although I should note if you are commuting with these, that the natural sound isolation isn’t particularly strong, there is a decent enough seal to help reduce the sound of a noisy office, cluttering trains, or noisy buses.

Any questions, fire them at me in the comments below. 

Thanks again to FiFine for sending me these for my unbiased opinion. I really have had a lot of fun with them.

FIFINE Studio Monitor Headphones for Recording-Over Ear Wired Headphones for Podcast Monitoring, Streaming Comfortable Equipment with Detachable Cables 3.5mm or 6.35mm Jack, Black, on PC/Mixer-H8
FIFINE H8 Studio Monitor Headphones
FiFine H8 Headphones on a stand - side view
FiFine H8 Studio Monitoring Headphones
Value for Money
Build Quality
Sound Quality

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  1. please tell me for mixing and mastering songs professionally should i consider audio tecnica m20x or these Fifine H8 headphones…plz reply me

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