Finally USB-C on iPhone 15? What We Know So Far!

USB-C on iPhone 15

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It goes without saying that we will see Apple reveals the iPhone 15 lineup in the coming September. And like before, the series will consist of multiple phones with the Pro and Ultra model. 

Here, the Ultra phone is basically the Pro Max version of the lineup. Apple may change things up with the naming of the device. 

Nonetheless, the technological gap between iPhone iterations has been tremendous. The iPhone 14 series made names for coming with Dynamic Island, which has set the Pro models apart from the standard ones. 

USB-C on iPhone 15
Source: Jumpstory

And for the 15 series, Apple could make the Ultra mode get the biggest standout feature. Of course, there will be some similarities between each of the iPhone 15 models. 

For example, Apple might finally ditch its proprietary Lightning port and switch to USB-C in all devices.

If you have been stuck in the Apple ecosystem for too long, you may not know what USB-C is. In that case, there may be too many questions at the back of your head now. 

USB-C on iPhone 15
Source: Jumpstory

First of all, let’s discuss what USB-C is. At the core, USB-C is the latest universal standard for wired connection among smart devices. 

And while Apple is planning to make the complete switch to USB-C with the iPhone 15 lineup, it has been prominent in Android phones for years now. 

To be exact, even laptops and smart devices such as speakers come with a USB-C port. Other than that, the USB-C connectors are reversible, like the Lightning connector in the current iPhone models. 

USB-C on iPhone 15
Source: Jumpstory

That means you don’t have to worry about the orientation of the charging cable. However, note that not all the USB-C cables are the same. 

There are different data and charging standards. for example, you have USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt 4

The decision to move to USB-C for the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup was initiated from the decision made in October 2022. 

USB-C on iPhone 15
Source: Jumpstory

Basically, the European Union finalized a regulation requiring all companies to use USB-C as the charging ports of their new technology products sold in the EU countries. This regulation will come into full effect in 2024. 

And even though the iPhone 15 series will launch before 2024, Apple may shift to it early on. To be exact, Apple might have already transitioned to the new charging standard. There have been multiple leaks about it in the past.

Moreover, you can check out the latest iPhone 15 Pro models with the USB-C in the recent render leak.

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