KZ EDX vs. TRN MT1 – Which Budget V-Shaped IEM is Better?


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The KZ EDX and TRN MT1 are both ultra-budget earphones that offer great sound quality. 

They’re quite popular among the Hi-Fi community because they perform better than expected, considering their price.

In this post, we’ll look at their similarities and differences to see which set works best based on your needs and preference. 

If you want an in-depth review of these earphones, then I’ll link the posts here.

Sicanal TRN MT1 HiFi Earphone Dual Magnetic Dynamic Driver Sport Headphone in Ear Monitor Noise Cancelling Headset (with Mic, Green)

KZ EDX vs. TRN MT1: Sound Signature

The KZ EDX has a V-shaped sound signature, which is evident with its elevated bass and treble, with the mid-range visibly recessed. 

This sound signature creates an overall fun and energetic sound that makes for an enjoyable listening experience for the user.

The KZ EDX featuring a transparent resin cavity | Make Life Click

The KZ EDX is for you if:

  • You like an energetic and fun sound.
  • You like a versatile IEM that suits most genres.
  • You like an airy and open sound.

The TRN MT1 also has a V-shaped sound signature but the difference is that the sound leans on the warmer side of the spectrum. 

It’s balanced with a light emphasis on the bass, but it can be relatively lacking for bass-heads who prefer to listen to sounds with heavy basses.

The TRN MT1 is for you if:

  • You like a present and slightly more pronounced bass.
  • You like a V-shaped signature.
  • You like a natural and warm sound.
The TRN MT1 also with a transparent shell showing the diaphragm | Make Life Click

KZ EDX vs. TRN MT1: Sound Quality

When listening to it for the first time, you might say that the sound quality of the KZ EDX is excellent for its price as its beautiful bass frequencies can retain detail, unlike lesser-quality IEMs.

However, when you listen to them longer, you may notice that the lows and highs can get fatiguing to listen to because of sibilance and other harsh frequencies. It’s as if the sound was all over the place.

The bass was substantial and punchy, but it overpowered other instrumentals or characteristics in the mix. The sub-bass extension was average and the sub-bass suffers from the mid-bass bleed.

The mids are recessed like most V-shaped IEMs, but some details can be lost. 

Lastly, the treble bites, which is a pro for some. Vocals are present in the mix and retain the details at high frequencies. 

However, in the long run, this can be fatiguing for those sensitive to high frequencies.

Both IEMs have pretty similar shell structures | Make Life Click

The KZ EDX is for you if:

  • You like a sound with recessed mids and focus on the highs and lows.
  • You like a good, present, and punchy bass.
  • You like a sound that retains vocal details even at high frequencies.

Meanwhile, when you first listen to the TRN MT1, you’d immediately notice the presence of sibilance in some of the tracks played. However, it was a pleasant surprise that after prolonged listening, the harshness of the highs disappeared.

The bass of the TRN MT1 is responsive and present, yet not overbearing. It gives the balanced tuning a wonderful touch without muddiness. 

As for its mids, they can get thin and irritating to listen to at higher volumes. The upper mids can also get a bit harsh but they make up for this with their vast sound space.

Lastly, the treble of the TRN MT1 is smooth and natural sounding. It’s well-balanced – not too dim or bright, but the details are compromised.

KZ EDX Design
TRN MT1 Design

The TRN MT1 is for you if:

  • You like a natural-sounding treble.
  • You like a light emphasis on the bass, making its presence known but not too much.
  • You like an IEM with recessed mids and vast sound space.

KZ EDX vs. TRN MT1: Caveats

The KZ EDX has a recurring problem – it can be too fatiguing to listen to due to its extreme highs and lows. 

This problem can be quite a deal breaker for those who use their IEMs on long listening sessions.

Sibilance can also be experienced, and the overall sound can feel like it is all over the place, which can be an unpleasant experience for listeners. The bass suffers from mid-bass bleed but it isn’t that bad considering the price. 

On the other hand, the TRN MT1’s weakness is its sound imaging, which could be improved.

The timbre also peaks and may sound unnatural, which is why sibilance happens in some tracks. Thankfully, it disappears after prolonged listening. 

Overall, the sound produced with the TRN MT1 is pleasing as it creates a fun experience for the listener.

Sicanal TRN MT1 HiFi Earphone Dual Magnetic Dynamic Driver Sport Headphone in Ear Monitor Noise Cancelling Headset (with Mic, Green)


Ultimately, the TRN MT1 blows the KZ EDX out of the water with its superior sound quality.

The EDX came across as too harsh and sibilant for my liking, so I chose the MT1 over it.

The TRN MT1 has a better overall definition and a more balanced V-shaped signature with no noticeable bass bleed or harsh peaks after burn-in.

Still, both IEMs are decent options that you’d want to consider especially if you’re on a limited budget.

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