Focal Releases HiFi Speakers That are Inspired by Food!

Focal Sopra 2 HiFi Speakers

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Food and HiFi are not a good mix, right? Well, Focal thinks otherwise! The audio specialist has just released high-end speakers that are inspired by chocolate and oysters. Now, that sounds appetizing!

Basically, the French sound specialist has released brand-new finishes for the Sopra 2 loudspeakers. Yes, the Sopra 2 is not a new set of speakers, but it is one of the best sellers of Focal. 

And because the festive season is in full swing, Focal might have made the best decision by bringing out food-inspired finishes at this time.

Focal Sopra 2 HiFi Speakers
Source: Focal

But it’s not just to make the speakers blend in. The two new finishes for the Sopra 2 loudspeakers build an eye-catching effect on the speakers. 

And they make the speakers more special than they already are. If you missed it, the Sopra 2 special editions were released as the Focal Naim 10th Anniversary systems.

And they are undoubtedly some of the best stereo speakers out there. The brand has basically showcased how good they are at manufacturing great speakers with the Sopra 2.

With that said, let’s get back to the two special finishes. According to Focal, the brand took inspiration for the Black Osrea finish from the “pearlized appearance of an oyster, with an iridescent sheen to each side.”

Focal Sopra 2 HiFi Speakers
Source: Focal

On the other hand, the Sopra 2 Brown Concrete features “warmer-toned, chocolate-colored side panels, paired with metallic bronze front panels.” Sound yummy, right?

You might be wondering what other color options the Sopra 2 offers. Apart from the two new finishes that Focal released, the speakers come in Electric Orange, Carrara White, and black Lacquer finishes. 

Additionally, there are Black Oak and Light Oak editions available. And as you can see, the latter color options focused on wood finishes, while the earlier ones took Focal’s creative touch on standard colors.

Focal Sopra 2 HiFi Speakers
Source: Focal

Interested to know more about the Sopra 2? In short, the speakers can offer superb imaging and excellent soundstage. And the speakers are known for having great power-handling capabilities. 

No wonder why the speaker has been on the top lists of most of the reviewers. In fact, many commented that the Focal Sopra 2 inaugurates a new era of “Premium High End” regarding audio performance.

Want to get your hands on the two food-inspired finishes of Sopra 2? You can order them right now! And if you don’t like these two finishes, you have many others to choose from. 

So, if these food-inspired color options made you know about the Sopra 2, you should check the other finishes!

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