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8 Sites for Downloading Hi-Fi Audio Files for Free

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Nothing beats listening to hi-fi audio files.

Nowadays, most people now use streaming services to enjoy music on their favorite websites but some people still prefer downloading music to their devices. While MP3 files are sufficient, you’d generally have a better listening experience if you get hi-fi audio files.

It can be challenging to find a place for free high quality music download. This is why I’ve come up with a list of 8 websites where you can get free and high-quality audio files. 

Where to Get Free High Quality Music Download

1. HD Tracks

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HDTracks is one of the most popular websites for getting hi-res audio download. If you’re looking for a particular track, this is a great place to begin your search. 

It provides a wide range of hi-fi audio files in a vast library. It offers the most incredible variety of file formats, with sampling speeds up to 352/24-bit, and the broadest selection of high-resolution titles for download. 

A large portion of the files on HDtracks came from the same tapes used to make CDs. 

Most albums and songs are available for download in a variety of formats, including DSD, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, and ALAC.

2. SoundCloud

Another popular website to play and download music without having to pay is SoundCloud

This internet music streaming community is home to both well-known and unsigned musicians. Not all songs are free to download since some musicians demand Facebook likes for their songs before letting you listen to them.

To download music, you just need to create a SoundCloud account. 

Unfortunately, SoundCloud Go and Go+’s iOS and Android applications don’t permit downloads, but subscribers can save songs for offline listening using these apps.

Soundcloud on mobile for high quality music download
SoundCloud on mobile | Make Life Click

3. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is another website where you can get hi-fi audio download for free. This is a great website to support independent musicians.

Through Bandcamp, artists can create their own page and share their work so they get more publicity. The music files come in a wide range of file formats, including high-resolution ones.

The site also lets artists sell tangible copies of their work. This is a great way for them to kickstart their careers and get support from audiophiles like you.

You can pay what you want to Bandcamp artists. There’s no minimum cost to get the song.

4. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a platform that lets artists and musicians make their work freely accessible to the public. This lets them get a good following online.

Although the website has various genres, its pop, alternative, and hip-hop collections are its best-known offerings. Its vast collection supports nearly four million musicians, labels, and users.

To get hi-fi audio files, just navigate to the page of your favorite artist or album, choose a track, and then click the download symbol next to it. This lets you download the song for free. In some cases, getting free downloads requires your email address.

Free songs are also available for download from the ReverbNation music player. Press the + sign next to the desired audio file after choosing it. You’ll see a download link if it is free to listen to offline.

5. 7Digital

There’s a lot of non-hi-res content on the site due to 7Digital‘s extensive focus on downloading music. Still, this site makes it simple to find high quality music download. 

When it comes to hi-fi audio files, 7digital proudly carries the flag for rap, pop, and other more popular music genres, unlike other services that lead you to believe that only jazz and classical music are available in high resolution. 

Additionally, this website does a fantastic job of offering whole albums and individual tracks for purchase.

6. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive‘s audio collection is considered one of the best sources for free high quality music download. That’s because it features most artists, including well-known ones like Coldplay.

The digital content library at Internet Archive is so extensive that it provides everyone with open access to music, websites, photos, software, movies, and books. 

Countless lossless music files are available for free download on this site. 

Just search for the audio file you want to download. Once you’ve found the file, you’ll get several download options for different file formats.

Audionautix Website for high quality music download
Audionautix website | Make Life Click

7. Audionautix

Established by a composer named Jason Shaw, Audionautix started as a website that offers free hi-res audio download of his original music. 

Now, it features other artists and musicians so you can get free copies of their music. And you don’t even have to sign up on the website or like the artists’ Facebook pages.

You can easily search the music collection of Audionautix using tempo, genre, and other terms. The website’s design effectively identifies the different musical genres. 

There’s also a “moods” section that lets you stream music. 

You can use these free Audionautix audio files in your videos but don’t forget to properly give credit to the artists or musicians. 

8. Jamendo Music

Another popular website for high quality music download is Jamendo Music. It offers a free download and streaming options along with musician licensing. 

Any track can be listened to online and downloaded in MP3 format from the website. 

Jamendo’s audio library is also more carefully selected compared to the other sites mentioned on this list. It features an A&R service that aids musicians in finding collaborations to monetize their work.

Jamendo Music is split into a streaming or download section and a content licensing section on the user end. You can explore new songs in various ways from its main screen.


Even if you can afford to pay for high quality music download or streaming services, you’ll surely enjoy getting free music from these websites. 

If you know of other free websites for hi-res audio download, let us know in the comments below!

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