Get Ready for Soundcore’s Beach-ready and Dust-resistant Floating Boombox

Get Ready for Soundcore's Beach-ready and Dust-resistant Floating Boombox

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Do you need some music to get you through your summer vacations? The $180 Motion Boom Plus from Anker Soundcore could be the answer. Soundcore is contributing to the boombox’s revival. 

The Motion Boom has been improved (and is now more expensive), and the portable Bluetooth speaker now has greater power and can withstand dust and dirt. It will be available on Amazon, the website, and other shops beginning May 30, 2022. 

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Get Ready for Soundcore's Beach-ready and Dust-resistant Floating Boombox
Image Credit: Soundcore

The audio brand has revealed the Motion Boom Plus, a new social gathering speaker that is more powerful than its predecessor.

The speaker can produce 80 Watts of sound thanks to its two 30 Watt woofers and two 10 Watt tweeters. According to a Soundcore consultant, this makes the Increased Plus stronger than the Movement Increase from 2021.

The Movement Increase Plus has the same titanium drivers and BassUp feature as the prior model, but it also has PartyCast 2.0 and an IP67 rating. However, while having a significantly larger 13,400 mAh battery, all of this comes at the cost of battery life.

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Soundcore 2
Image Credit: Soundcore

Despite having a greater battery than its predecessors, the Motion Boom Plus has a lesser battery life than the Motion Boom, lasting only 20 hours against 24 hours for the Motion Boom. 

Still, if you are not using the speaker continually, that should be enough for a whole day of music or even a weekend. You may use the speaker’s 13,400mAh built-in battery to power your other gadgets if you like.

Instead of lasting 24 hours on a single charge like the prior model, the Movement Increase Plus now only lasts 20 hours. The Increase Plus is slightly heavier, weighing 5.29 lb (2.4 kg) and including a strap for easier carrying.

Soundcore’s PartyCast 2.0 technology enables the Increase Plus to link with over 100 individual audio systems and synchronize the music across all of them. 

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Get Ready for Soundcore's Beach-ready and Dust-resistant Floating Boombox
Image Credit: Soundcore

Some Soundcore audio systems, such as the Flare 2, include a light on high that can even sync with the supplied music. The full audio system connects to the Increase Plus using Bluetooth 5.3, the most recent Bluetooth variant. 

Without getting into the technical details, model 5.3 enhances the stability of a Bluetooth signal while also making it more energy-efficient. The standard version features higher encryption to ensure that different notifications do not disrupt your music.

According to The Enclosure Company, the IP67 rating indicates the speaker is totally secured against mud and maybe completely submerged underwater.

The BassUp feature and the compatibility to charge gadgets via the PowerIQ cost-out feature have moved over from the Movement Increase.

Another of Soundcore’s unique tech options is BassUp, which the company claims produces “…unmatched low-end depth and vitality.” However, if BassUp on the Increase Plus is anything like it is on the Movement+, it is not nearly as effective.

The Movement Increase Plus will be available for purchase beginning May 30 for $141.99. By purchasing a $1 reservation, you can pre-order right away.

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