Google Pixel Watch 2: Announcing Google IO 2023 Event

Google Pixel Watch 2

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You might not have expected this, but the Google Pixel Watch 2 is around the corner. As per the last reports, Google is all set to debut many devices at the upcoming Google IO 2023 event. 

It is said to roll out the covers on the Google Pixel 7a, Google Pixel Fold, Google Pixel Tablet, and most importantly, the Watch 2.

Now, the chances of Google launching the smartwatch are pretty slim as the Google Pixel Watch 1 came out with the Pixel 7 series.

Google Pixel Watch 2
Source: Google; Google Pixel Watch

So, Google might instead announce the Pixel Watch 2 and make it launch alongside the Google Pixel 8 series.

The new rumour shares one more exciting thing about the Google smartwatch lineup. According to it, Google might release two different smartwatches this year. 

The first will be the Google Pixel Watch 2, while the other will be more kids-centric. However, there’s a high chance that the kids-centric smartwatch from Google might come out under the Fitbit branding.

Google Pixel Watch 2
Source: Google; Google Pixel Watch

And that makes a lot of sense. No matter what, the Google Pixel 8 launch event appears to be very packed. That said, fans expect the Google Pixel Watch 2 to bring a lot of upgrades. 

First, the Pixel Watch series could use a powerful processor. Without it, the smartwatch will fall behind the current smartwatches from Apple.

But a powerful processor is not the only thing we expect from the new Google smartwatch. Better battery life, along with a revamp in the design, is also expected from the upcoming watch.

Google Pixel Watch 2
Source: Google; Google Pixel Watch

However, the design department might not change drastically from the original Google Pixel Watch. After all, it is just the second version of the Pixel Watch lineup. 

And Google will definitely want to keep the support for first-gen Pixel Watch straps. That will be crucial for anyone that is currently using the original device.

That said, it is not yet confirmed that the next-gen device will be called the Google Pixel Watch 2. Google might change things up with the naming.

Google Pixel Watch 2
Source: Google; Google Pixel Watch

It is surely difficult to see Google using other naming conventions as it would confuse potential buyers.

But yes, because Google Pixel 7a is coming with flagship-level hardware, it is evident that Google has been gaining confidence in its hardware division. 

So, it is highly likely that the Google Pixel Watch 2 will see a significant revamp in the internals. There could be upgrades on the wireless charging and wired charging too.

And hopefully, we will get more information about the wearable on the Google IO 2023 that’s happening on May 10.

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