Linn 360 Speakers 50th Anniversary Special

Linn 360 Speakers

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To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Scottish audio specialist has lifted the lid on its brand-new speaker series, the Linn 360. 

It is said to deliver the lowest levels of audible distortion and look physically eye-catching at the same time.

In fact, According to the CEO of Linn, Gilad Tiefenburn, the brand-new speakers are “without a doubt the finest loudspeaker we (Linn) have ever made.” 

Linn 360 Speakers
Source: Linn

The CEO adds that the speakers are “streets ahead of our previous benchmark.” Wondering how is the Linn 360 lineup making such big claims? 

As the Scottish company says, the speakers have new “everything,” from the drive units to the cabinet.

Now, the speakers come with a 19mm Beryllium dome tweeter when it comes to the drive units. Linn has paired these drive units with a woven carbon fiber mid-range cone. 

Linn 360 Speakers
Source: Linn

And according to Linn, both of them have been redefined to push the inherently produced distortion below the audible range. The bass frequencies are delivered through both lower and upper aluminium magnesium alloy bass drive units. 

The great part is that the lower bass driver can produce a much greater range. Even the excursion level of the drivers is higher than in the previous iteration.

Moreover, the built-in Power DAC technology enhances the bass production capabilities of the Linn 360 loudspeakers even further. 

Linn 360 Speakers
Source: Linn

Linn has developed this technology from the ground up. It combines the conversion and amplification of digital-to-analog in one stage. And that consequently extends the digital path and greatly reduces the loss.

Other than offering you a distortion-free experience, Linn 360 has a digital wizard Exakt System. It also packs the Space Optimization room correction tech to make the 360 speakers offer a truly 360-degree music-listening experience.

In addition, with the Linn 360, the Soctish company has introduced Adaptive Bias Control amplifier technology. It works in real-time and ensures that the distortion from the amps is eliminated. In other words, it will further ensure optimal audio performance.

Linn 360 Speakers
Source: Linn

For optimum dispersion of sound in every direction, Linn has opted for a curvaceousness of the front baffle. Also, the Linn 360 comes with a concentric arc and a flushed placement of the drive units. 

There’s waveguide-incorporating surround trim as well. All of them enhance the surround sound experience. That said, if you are looking to get the Linn 360, you need to know that two different variants are available. 

The first one is Exakt Integrated, which comes with all the DAC, amplification circuitry, and crossover packed within the housing. On the other hand, the passive with the Aktiv Bass version utilizes a non-Linn amplifier. This version is cheaper than the first one.

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