Got a Google TV? It’s Getting a Big Performance Upgrade!

Google TV

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A big Google TV update is on the way! It addresses and fixes one of the customers’ biggest complaints. Can you guess what that could be? 

If you are thinking about a buggy interface and poor storage optimization, you are on the right track! That said, the update is not just for the TV platforms. 

You will get the performance upgrade even if you have a Chromecast device. So, if you have an older model of Google TV Chromecast dongle, you are also in for a treat.

Google TV Upgrade
Source: Google TV

With this update, Google has focused on making the operating system (OS) feel much more snappier and faster. 

If the hardware was not that high-end, Google TV currently fails to offer an excellent overall experience throughout the interface. Let’s not forget that the wake-up time is pretty slow.

Moreover, at the current stage, Google TV on the low-end TV models struggled a lot with animation when rebooting. 

Google TV Upgrade
Source: Google TV

The response time during a button press on the Google remote is very poor too. But when the update lands, even the low-end TVs will feel much more responsive and snappier. 

It will reduce the reboot animation to ensure the device turns on quickly. Also, there will be a noticeable difference in terms of responsiveness as well.

According to Google, these performance upgrades of the Google TV are already rolling out. Regarding TVs, the Sony, TCL, Hisense, and Philips models are pretty much expected to get it. 

Google TV Upgrade
Source: Google TV

But if you did not get the update yet, you should go to the settings app of the TV and check for a software update. Wondering when you can check for software updates? 

It’s inside the “about” section of the settings app. Although, Google has not confirmed whether it will come via a server-side upgrade or a software update. 

So, if you still don’t get the update after checking for updates, you will need to wait a while. But your TV needs to run Android 12 to get it.

Google TV Upgrade
Source: Google TV

Regarding the storage optimization features, Google TV will switch from the APK format to the AAB format. 

In comparison, AAB is more efficient than APK as it breaks down the applications into smaller chunks by considering your system.

That breakdown of applications will make Google TV install apps faster and enjoy lower storage consumption. To be exact, the update will offer more than a 25 percent reduction in app sizes.

Google TV will also get a brand-new App Hibernation mode, which will deactivate the apps on your home screen if you do not use it within 30 days. That will further enhance the overall performance.

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