Loewe Klang Bar3 MR: Powerful and Compact Soundbar

Loewe Klang Bar3 MR

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The audio specialist brand that’s well known for offering a perfect blend of style and performance is here with Loewe Klang Bar3 MR. 

It continues the trend of delivering audio devices that not only look good but also output better sound than most of the competitors.

Basically, with the debut of the Klang Bar3 MR, Loewe is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. At the core, the Klang Bar3 MR is a powerful TV soundbar that will not take up too much space on your setup. 

Loewe Klang Bar3 MR
Source: Loewe

And its compact form factor might be one of the main highlights. Also, as it has an exquisite design, your setup will look very eye-catching.

But just because it is small in shape, it does not mean that the soundbar has inferior internals. To be exact, it comes with two built-in subwoofers and seven front-firing speakers. 

Most importantly, the total output power rating of the Loewe Klang Bar3 MR is 360 watts. As the drivers are finely tuned, you can expect distortion-free audio.

Loewe Klang Bar3 MR
Source: Loewe

According to Loewe, the Klang Bar3 MR can deliver a “harmonious, room-filling home cinema experience.” 

And to further redefine your music-listening experience, you can pair it up with any of the Klang MR speakers from Loewe. So, you will have the full freedom to shape up your audio setup according to your preference.

The Loewe Klang Bar3 MR will also work with active speakers through the Wireless Digital Audio Link technology. That will eventually allow you to create a proper 5.1 sound system.

Loewe Klang Bar3 MR
Source: Loewe

Another highlight of the Klang Bar3 MR is the support for Dolby Atmos. But as the soundbar only has front-firing speakers, Loewe is likely delivering the Dolby Atmos experience through audio trickeries. 

In addition, the soundbar has support for DTS:X, DTS HD, and DTS Virtual:X. Setting the Loewe Klang Bar3 MR up will not be an issue either. 

The soundbar comes with three HDMI ports. And the great part is that they support eARC and 4K passthrough. 

Loewe Klang Bar3 MR
Source: Loewe

Thanks to the eARC support, you can turn the soundbar and the TV using one remote. That will lower the clutter on your sofa.

There are multiple wireless connectivity options as well. You will find Apple AirPlay 2, DTS Play-Fi, and Chromecast built-in. These will make the setup process feel like a hassle-free task. Want to get yourself the Loewe Klang Bar3 MR? 

It will be available through authorized retailers from this month. And the price tag is pretty competitive too. So, expect to get great value for your money.

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