Hisense x Texas Instruments: Huge Advancements in the Laser Display Field

Hisense Texas Instruments Laser Display Field

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At the Global Partner Conference that took place on 18th December, Hisense came out with a new 8K laser display technology. 

The technology is enabled by DLP technology, which is from Texas Instruments. And this tech is all about making significant advancements in the laser display field.

The senior vice president of Texas Instruments, Amichai Ron, was invited for a speech at the conference. He introduced the company’s strong collaboration with Hisense and explained how the two are pushing the laser display industry forward.

Hisense Texas Instruments Laser Display Field
Source: Hisense

That said, Hisense has been in the laser display field for 15 years now. Since the beginning of its journey, the brand has been dedicated to advancing the industry to 4K technology

And now that it has made a strong base surrounding it, the company is aiming to push the 8K technology forward.

Over the previous years, Hisense has been researching the best possible laser source for its Laser TV

Hisense Texas Instruments Laser Display Field
Source: Hisense

And it has been highly successful in developing a mature laser display technology through the DLP technology from Texas Instruments.

Thanks to its success, the current Hisense Laser TVs are now known for offering an ultra high definition display and premium sounds to all of its consumers. 

And the good part about their Laser TVs is that they offer all that with significantly less power.

Hisense Texas Instruments Laser Display Field
Source: Hisense

One of the most notable products of this collab would be the first 4K Laser TV from Hisense. It came with TI DLP.66” chipset and had a successful launch event.

Then, there is the Flagship L9, which comes with TI DLP.47” chipset, which has dominated the market in the 120-inch category.

This year, Hisense has again chosen to work with DLP technology for its 8K laser TV. The brand chose TI DLP.94”, enabling more than 33 million pixels. 

Hisense Texas Instruments Laser Display Field
Source: Hisense

To give you a perspective, that pixel count is four times that of a 4K TV. And it aims to bring a new level of TV-watching experience to the living rooms.

But the Laser TVs are not the only success of this collaboration. The collab has also developed sophisticated laser displays, which are now allowing art galleries, museums, and even restaurants to offer fully immersive visual experiences.

These successes are just the beginning. The collaboration will further push the laser display field in the future. Overall, the partnership between Hisense and TI is pretty strong. 

And it has brought a lot of success in the past years. In the future, this collaboration can surely bring more advanced products. And undoubtedly, it will further advance the technology and push the industry forward.

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