ViewSonic All-In-One 216″ LED Display: Better Communications With Improved Audiovisuals

ViewSonic All-in-One 216" LED display

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Did you catch the latest ViewSonic All-in-One 216″ LED display? If not, the first thing you need to know is that it is the reason behind the future-oriented shift of the Stadtwerke Krefeld, a municipal utility and transport company in Germany.

Thanks to the installation of the All-in-One LED TVs, the company’s pax conference hall is now an ultramodern facility. And the space has now ready for large-scale video conferences and large-scale collaborative events with immersive audiovisual.

Wondering what is so great about the ViewSonic All-in-One 216″ LED display? The most highlighted feature of the unit is that it can offer smooth video and animations. 

ViewSonic All-in-One 216" LED display
Source: ViewSonic

But smoothness is not the only fact that makes the All-in-One (AIO) LED display great. The panel can offer brilliant colors and powerful audio output. Both of those factors will make collaborative events more interactive and engaging. 

Not to mention that the display’s brightness is exceptionally high, allowing the audience to see the images on the screen clearly from all angles. 

In other words, the condition and lighting of the room do not degrade the viewing experience of the ViewSonic All-in-One 216″ LED display.

You can say the same thing for the audio department. The ViewSonic All-in-One 216″ LED display boasts a powerful audio solution.

ViewSonic All-in-One 216" LED display
Source: ViewSonic

Its audio setup will let people sitting at the far back catch all the auditory details of conferences.

Now, as the ViewSonic All-in-One 216″ LED display is quite a large unit, you might think it will be hard to operate. Well, that’s not the case at all! Any company staff can set the display up and smoothly use it.

The display allows multiple presenters to share content from mobile devices or laptops. The ViewSonic All-in-One 216″ LED display will handle all of this sharing wirelessly.

ViewSonic All-in-One 216" LED display
Source: ViewSonic

There’s also a built-in OS in the display. This OS is compatible with the existing AV control system of ViewSonic.

Thanks to this compatibility, it will be possible to configure the display with a remote. And this feature will give the IT a higher degree of flexibility through which they can get a better overall experience out of the display.

Other than that, the ViewSonic All-in-One 216″ LED display comes with a modular design. This design choice makes the AIO display easy to integrate. 

And not to mention that the maintenance process of the AIO is also hassle-free. When there is an issue with any module, you just need to swap it out with a replacement.

Overall, the ViewSonic All-in-One LED Direct View LED display is all you need to get a high-quality conference experience. It will not disappoint you in offering superior corporate audiovisual experiences.

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