Shure Announces Extended Microsoft Teams Certification for Renowned IntelliMix Room


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Shure has disclosed that intelliMix Room, which was waiting to be certified for Teams when activated in the UC-C100-T Creston Flex integrator kit, has got approval for expanded certification of LenovoThinkSmart Core computing device. Shure has made this announcement at Enterprise Connect 2022. IntelliMix Room is the first software-based meeting or conferencing DSP.

With this extension of Microsoft Teams Rooms certification with Lenovo ThinkSmart Core, Shure tries to demonstrate that it’s IntelliMix Room DSP and Microflex Ecosystem software has enough ability to deliver uniform, high-quality collaboration standards to room communication partners worldwide.

Shure IntelliMix Room is a dedicated performance optimizer of Miroflex Exosystem Solutions. The software has already been marked as the best for providing high-class audio in conferences or meetings. Its implementation of noise reduction, noise cancellation, and automatic mixing technology has made it the best in the market.

shure headphones
Shure produces value-for-money headphones

IntelliMix Room needs little client setup and does not require extra specialized gear, significantly lowering the cost and footprint associated with providing excellent audiovisual conferencing. It enhances video conference conversations by deploying superior audio to in-room Windows 10 PCs and meeting control devices.

Shure IntelliMix is pre-installed on a variety of hardware devices, including the IntelliMix P300 Conferencing Processor and the MXA910 and MXA710 array microphones. It is currently accessible as a stand-alone piece of software.

Shure is well known for its world-class microphones and audio equipment. Also, Shure is a household brand in the professional audio sector, backed by some of the world’s largest musical performers.

IntelliMix Room software, which is available through licensing, enables flexibility as a solid investment throughout the lifetime of meeting rooms. Additionally, it may be less expensive than big hardware-based audio DSPs, which may be downloaded at any time.

Shure mute
IntelliMix Room does not require extra specialized gear

Shure’s platform collaborations continue to expand, providing users with communication networks and high-end acoustic responses that motivate the unification of audio and video systems in meeting rooms across more workplaces and institutions. These organizations may use the same architecture across their facilities. Shure IntelliMix Room DSP software maintains compatibility, ease of use, and integration with qualifying platforms.

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Shure’s heritage dates all the way back to 1925 when the Shure Radio Company was founded. Shure has grown into a renowned audio powerhouse since then.

Shure often comes up in talks when Drew offers his HiFi audio recommendations. Experts often recommend Shure headphones, such as the SRH1540, to persons with diverse musical tastes.

(Image Credit: Shure Website)

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