IFA 2023: What To Expect from the Tech Show?

IFA 2023

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In case you don’t know, the IFA 2023 event is right around the corner. And with this event, the event would be 93 years old since the first one.

For those unaware, Albert Einstein opened the IFA as the Great German Radio and Phonographic Exhibition.

Later down the line, the event eventually got the IFA name, which stands for “Internationale Funkausstellung.”

IFA 2023
Source: JBL

Throughout the years, the event stuck to its original name, showcasing new and promising tech to the world.

And like all the previous events, the IFA 2023 has a lot in store. It’s set for September 1st and will run until September 5th, 2023. Big brands such as Samsung, LG, Hisense, Sennheiser, and TCL will exhibit their latest and greatest in these few days.

But the biggest question is, what can you really expect from the brands? Well, some big brands are already teasing what they will be showcasing at the IFA 2023 event.

IFA 2023
Source: Sennheiser

For example, one of our favorite audio brands, Audio Technica, recently confirmed that it will attend the IFA 2023. The brand has teased in X (formerly Twitter), saying, “Exciting surprises prepared for you at our booth.”

The exciting surprises from Audio Technica could be brand-new gaming headphones. It could also be a brand-new turntable. There’s no official confirmation regarding the new products yet.

In addition, Jabra has confirmed that it will appear at the IFA 2023 event. Even though the brand hasn’t said anything officially, Jabra could be debuting the recently leaked Jabra Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active at the event.

IFA 2023
Source: LG

Another big audio brand that’ll be making an appearance at the IFA 2023 event is JBL. And when it comes to what products the brand may showcase, it’ll likely be brand-new WiFi-powered home speakers.

In addition, Sennheiser is expected to debut a more compact and budget-friendly version of its much-loved Ambeo soundbar. It’ll likely debut as Ambeo Mini.

Regarding TVs, Toshiba might steal the show at the IFA event. From past announcements, it’s certain that the brand plans to launch some of the best-value models at the events.

IFA 2023
Source: TCL

On the other hand, Samsung is about to hold a press conference on August 31st. So, there’s no confirmation yet on whether the brand will be releasing any new product at the IFA event.

While most didn’t say much about making an appearance at the IFA 2023 event, such as Anker, there’ll be many booths from the top names in the industry.

And if you’re excited about the event, keep your eyes peeled at the news section. We’ll be covering some of the best announcements there.

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