iFi Audio Diablo X Portable DAC/AMP Launched

iFi Audio Diablo X Portable DAC/AMP

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iFi Audio Diablo X was announced back in February of this year. And in case you didn’t know, the Diablo lineup from iFi contains the brand’s best products. 

So, the hype around it was real! Audiophiles who want to upgrade their existing portable DAC/AMP or want to get new were waiting for its release.

Well, the wait is finally over. iFi has officially launched the Diablo X. It is an upgraded and refreshed model of the iFi Diablo, one of the best high-end portable DAC/AMP you can buy right now. 

iFi Audio Diablo X Portable DAC/AMP
Source: iFi Audio

And Diablo X takes things to the next level, making it even better than the current model. However, you should note that the iFi Audio Diablo X is a limited edition product. 

And if you are wondering what it comes with, the first highlight is the feature it got from the partnership with xMEMS

For the Diablo X, xMEMS is basically the official DAC/Headphone amp technology partner for iFi. Nonetheless, with this partnership, Diablo X gets the support for a brand-new solid-state monolithic speaker tech. 

iFi Audio Diablo X Portable DAC/AMP
Source: iFi Audio

But that does not make the new limited DAC/AMP get away from the signature sound of Diablo. Diablo X still promises to offer reference-level sound. So, you can expect to get a true HiFi experience.

Moreover, the iFi iDSD Diablo X comes with a 16-core XMOS chipset. There are two BurrBrown DAC chips as well. 

These chipsets are there to process the received data through the digital inputs. Talking of which, the digital inputs of the Diablo X consist of USB and S/PDIF ports.

iFi Audio Diablo X Portable DAC/AMP
Source: iFi Audio

The good part is that iFi has tuned the ports to perfection. Thanks to this tuning, the audio processing will go smoothly regardless of which port you choose. 

Next, the chipsets that iFi Audio iDSD Diablo X utilizes make it support 2x DXD, DSD 512, and PCM 768. Additionally, the portable DAC/AMP has support for full MQA decoding. 

All of these will make the DAC capable of delivering all the details from the playback to you. When it comes to the output, you will find a 4.4mm balanced output and 6.3 mm SE.

iFi Audio Diablo X Portable DAC/AMP
Source: iFi Audio

There’s a performance-boosting ‘Headamp Turbo’ and ‘Direct-Drive’ present in the DAC/AMP. And for the upgraded clock system, the phase noise on the iFi Diablo X is kept at a very minimal level.

Regarding the power, the iFi Audio Diablo X utilizes a 5V iPower power supply. It is an ultra-low noise unit. The DAC/AMP has a custom-designed bias, amp circuits for MEMS headphones, and EQ. 

Those will further enhance the audio performance. So, in short, the Diablo X is fully packed with features.

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