Klipsch R-40PM and R-50PM Powered Speakers Announced

Klipsch R-40PM and R-50PM Powered Speakers

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The premium HiFi brand Klipsch has just announced two new powered speakers. These two powered speakers go by R-40PM and R-50PM.

As they are powered speakers, both of them come with built-in amplification. That means you will not need to hook them up with an external amplifier.

Instead, you can get a fully-fledged setup by hooking the speakers directly to the power outlet.

Klipsch R-40PM and R-50PM Powered Speakers
Source: Klipsch; R-50PM Powered Speakers

Then, you can join them together with a supplied cable. And the significant part is there are many connectivity features.

You have the liberty to choose optical, USB, 3.5mm, and CD player if you want a wired connection. On the other hand, you can use Bluetooth connectivity if you want a wireless connection. So, you can stream music to the speakers in any way you want.

Moreover, the Klipsch R-40PM and R-50PM come with a phono preamplifier. That will enable you to connect the speakers to a turntable and get your records to spin without needing to go through any extra hassles.

Klipsch R-40PM and R-50PM Powered Speakers
Source: Klipsch; R-50PM Powered Speakers

The speakers come with impressive hardware too. Along with the integrated powered amplification and a phono preamp, the speakers come with premium drivers. 

For the R-40PM, you will find a 25mm LTS aluminum tweeter and 100mm TCP woofer. And on the R-50PM, there’s a 130mm TCP woofer and the same 25mm tweeter as the R-40PM.

When it comes to the design, the new speakers bring big upgrades over the previous units. The new design brings enhanced bass. The Klipsch R-40PM can reach down to 60Hz, while the 50PM can go even lower to 55Hz.

Klipsch R-40PM and R-50PM Powered Speakers
Source: Klipsch; R-50PM Powered Speakers

Regarding power, the Klipsch R-40PM can supply a total of 70 watts. In comparison, the R-50PM can offer 120 watts. 

Both speakers have Dynamic Bass Equalizer, which can optimize the bass level in real time. Moreover, Klipsch has increased the depths of the cabinet on both models. 

Compared to the R-41PM, the R-40PM is 28 percent deeper, whereas the R-50PM is 27 percent deeper than its predecessor. 

Klipsch R-40PM and R-50PM Powered Speakers
Source: Klipsch; R-50PM Powered Speakers

This design choice enhances the bass response even further. However, the height and width have barely changed. Klipsch says that the new design of the speakers is perfect for space-deprived areas.

So, even though the speakers have more depth, they will only take up a little space in your setup. In fact, you can easily set them up on shelves and desktops.

Besides that, the new speakers have an edge-to-edge proprietary Tractrix horn design, improving bandwidth, coverage, and directivity control. This will eventually let you direct the speaker pretty much anywhere you want.

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