KZ EDX vs KZ EDX Pro vs KZ EDX Ultra – The Great EDX Shootout

KZ EDX vs KZ EDX Pro vs KZ EDX Ultra

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KZ’s EDX series is beloved in the Hi-Fi audio community because of its affordability and sound quality. They’re known to be way better than most budget IEMs.

The brand KZ currently has three different models in its EDX series: the EDX, the EDX Pro, and the EDX Ultra. 

I’ve reviewed these IEMs separately and in this post, we’re going to compare them to help you decide which pair is the best for you. If you want to check out the in-depth reviews, I’ll be linking them to this post.

KZ EDX vs KZ EDX Pro vs KZ EDX Ultra - EDX shootout
All KZ EDX models have the same shape and transparent shells | Make Life Click

KZ EDX vs KZ EDX Pro vs KZ EDX Ultra: Sound Signature 

The KZ EDX has a V-Shaped signature and is considered a safe choice as it creates an overall fun sound with its slightly elevated highs and lows plus recessed mids. 

This sound signature is popular among listeners who prefer rock as it can enhance the guitar solos’ highs and emphasize the drums’ biting sounds. 

The KZ EDX Pro is an upgraded version of the EDX, featuring a similar V-shaped sound signature. Like its predecessor, the Pro version has elevated bass and treble frequencies with recessed mids. 

This sound signature creates a fun listening experience due to its punchy lows, sparkly and bright trebles, and scooped-out mids. 

KZ EDX 1DD HIFI iem, KZ Headphones Wired in ear Monitor Earbuds, inears Earphones with Upgraded 10mm Dynamic Driver, Removable Tangle-Free Cable for Gaming Music Video Church (without mic, clear grey)

The newest addition to the series, the KZ EDX Ultra is an even more excellent upgrade compared to its two predecessors. While the earlier versions have a V-shaped sound signature, the KZ EDX Ultra has a warm sound signature. 

This lush sound signature emphasizes lows over highs, creating a listening experience that’s perfect for bass heads. 

KZ EDX vs KZ EDX Pro vs KZ EDX Ultra: Sound Quality 

Now let’s discuss in detail the sound quality of these IEMs.


The quality of the KZ EDX is decent for its price. However, there are better IEMs on the market that offer better quality for the same price. 

A good example would be TRN MT1, which is an IEM that’s perfect for those who are beginning their IEM journey and want to have a bassy pair for an affordable price. 

The KZ EDX with a V-shaped sound signature | Make Life Click

Compared to other IEMs in the series, the KZ EDX is the most lackluster. It retains good details compared to IEMs of lesser quality but compared to the KZ EDX Pro and Ultra, the overall sound can feel messy and over the place. 

This characteristic is detrimental to the overall impact of the IEM as it directly affects the user experience. 

It still has a punchy bass that makes its presence known in the mix but they overpower other frequencies and can come off as bloated. There’s nothing special with the sub-bass of the KZ EDX, and they suffer a lot from mid-bass bleed, which is disappointing considering their price.

The mids also suffer some loss in detail. As for its treble, it’s fatiguing, especially for those who are sensitive to high frequencies. 

Overall, the sound quality of the KZ EDX needs a lot of improvement. 

The KZ EDX is for you if: 

  • You like a budget-friendly set with quality decent enough for the price. 
  • You like a sound with a present and punchy bass. 
  • You like a sound that emphasizes the highs with adequate detail retrieval. 


Compared to the EDX, the KZ EDX Pro is a significant improvement. As it has a V-shaped sound signature, its lows are pronounced and punchy. 

The KZ EDX Pro, also with a V-shaped sound signature | Make Life Click

However, upon listening to busier and crowded tracks, the bass tends to get left behind or fall off and would need help to catch up.  Nonetheless, the bass of the EDX Pro is better than its predecessor. It’s well-balanced and detailed compared to its competitors in the market. 

For its budget-friendly price, it has an overall good bass response. Furthermore, the sub-bass has an adequate amount of extension which is another improvement compared to the EDX. 

One drawback with the KZ EDX Pro is that it tends to fall short in the mids. As it has a V-shaped sound signature, the mids are naturally recessed and although some listeners may prefer this, it can also result in a loss in lushness on the overall mix. 

On the other hand, it still has decent detail retrieval and clarity compared to the KZ EDX. 

As for its highs, the treble of the KZ EDX Pro is open and has the perfect amount of airiness that helps to produce better quality, clarity, and detail. It also has an adequate treble response.

However, it’s essential to be mindful of the tracks to listen to as this IEM does suffer from treble peaks. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to cause sibilance. 

The KZ EDX Pro is for you if: 

  • You like a budget-friendly choice with excellent bass quality and response. 
  • You like a sound that is open and airy while maintaining excellent detail and clarity. 
  • You like a sound that emphasizes the highs and lows over the mids of the tracks. 

KZ EDX Ultra

The KZ EDX Ultra proves to be the best out of the three as it’s significantly better in tuning and tonal balance. It’s generally much more enjoyable due to its warm and lush sound. 

The EDX Ultra’s sound is reminiscent of the QKZ x HBB IEM collaboration, another IEM worth getting. 

Like the other IEMs in the EDX series, the bass of the EDX Ultra packs a punch. Unlike the EDX, the bass of the Ultra version doesn’t overpower the other frequencies. 

Compared to the EDX Pro, the EDX Ultra does better in retaining the presence of mids in the mix, though visibly recessed. It has a good amount of body and quality. The vocals also have adequate clarity but they could be better.

The KZ EDX Ultra with a warm and well-balanced sound | Make Life Click

Unfortunately, the mids tend to suffer from mid-bass bleed, Regardless, the EDX Ultra still presents a clean and warm tone nonetheless. 

Lastly, the highs are airier and brighter, allowing the users to experience a more precise sound. However, there may be instances when the trebles would sound thin, especially on poorly mastered tracks. 

The KZ EDX Ultra is for you if: 

  • You like a pleasing bass that makes its presence known without overpowering the other parts of the track. 
  • You like a present mids that add warmth and body to the mix. 
  • You like a sound that is energetic and well-balanced. 

KZ EDX vs KZ EDX Pro vs KZ EDX Ultra: Caveats

The quality of the KZ EDX for its price is decent but it could be better. At its price point, you’re bound to discover better IEM offerings. 

KZ EDX PRO in Ear Monitor IEM Wired Earbuds, Ear Buds HiFi Stereo Sound Earphones with 1DD New 10mm Dynamic Driver Noise Cancelling Headphone with Detachable Cable

For one, its ear tips are cheap and though they’re decent, they can get uncomfortable after long hours of use. It also failed to make great use of its sound signature, as the mixes can come off as messy and all over the place. 

Using this IEM can compromise the overall user experience, especially for those who are treble-sensitive as it causes sibilance. As for its bass, it’s bloated, overpowering, and disappointing.

Meanwhile, the quality of the KZ EDX Pro is multiple steps above the EDX. One can tell that the EDX series developers listened to their consumers and made some improvements. Although it’s a better investment than its predecessor, one can never be too complacent as this IEM has its fair share of cons. 

First, the mids lack presence and cause a significant loss of warmth in the overall mix. This characteristic can be disappointing for those who prefer their sounds to be well-balanced and not overpowered by instrumentals. 

Another con is that the treble – though generally decent, suffers from treble peaks, which can cause fatigue after long-term usage. Lastly, the IEM also doesn’t perform well on busy and crowded tracks and would need help to catch up on busy mixes. 

KZ EDX Shooutout
All budget-friendly and priced at less than $25 | Make Life Click

The KZ EDX Ultra is the best if one would rank the IEMs in the EDX series. It still has its cons but thankfully, the pros still outweigh them.

First, since the treble is tuned to be brighter than other IEMs, it can cause some peaking when listening to sibilant-prone tracks. This downside can be detrimental, especially for those who are treble-sensitive since the listening experience may be fatiguing for them.

Another thing to note is that the mids suffer from mid-bass bleed. 


After getting through each IEM in the EDX series, I can say that KZ makes significant improvements with each update. Every model is still a bang for your buck for their respective price points.

KZ Edx Ultra Upgraded Dynamic in-Ear Wired Earbuds Headset HiFi Music Bassy IEMs Stereo Sound Earphones/Headphones (Without Mic, Edx-Ultra)
KZ EDX Ultra

The EDX is a great budget option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pair of IEMs but still want a decent-sounding pair. 

The EDX Pro is a worthy upgrade from its predecessor as it’s much more defined and balanced in tuning. It’s also well-designed. It has a good representation of a V-shaped sound signature which can be sufficient for some. 

The EDX Ultra is much more colored. Comparing it to, let’s say, the CCA CRA, it’s a lot tamer and more controlled in terms of its bass, which is very competitive considering it is just under $20.

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