KZ EDX Earphones Review – Are They the Budget V-Shaped IEMs to Beat?


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Release Date
September 29, 2020
2.89 oz
4.02 x 2.83 x 1.26 in

The KZ EDX is an ultra-budget IEM offering that features a V-shape sound signature. This is common with budget IEMs, as the V-shaped tuning is safe for the mass market.

These IEMs from the brand KZ can be bought for around $10, which is one hell of a deal considering what you get for such a low price.

Budget Pick


An excellent choice for those looking for a pair of daily-use IEMs

Price Range: $
Brand: KZ
KZ EDX Retail Box


The KZ EDX is one of the cheapest IEM offerings from KZ and is an excellent option for those looking for a bassy pair of IEMs on a budget.

These IEMs feature a single 10 mm dynamic driver, which explains their low price. This also explains how the brand could produce a pair in the $10 budget range.

Breaking one of these things won’t be a huge problem since they’re quite affordable and you can easily replace them. They make for a perfect pair of IEMs for everyday use.

The Specs

  • Driver:  10mm Composite Magnetic Dynamic Driver
  • Pin Type:  0.75mm dual-pin
  • Frequency:  10Hz-20000Hz
  • Impedance:  23Ω
  • Sensitivity:  112dB

What’s in the Box?

  • KZ EDX earphones
  • 3 x pairs of clear silicone ear tips
  • 2-pin detachable cable
  • Instruction Manual

Stuff I like

  • Punchy bass
  • Highs have some bite to them
  • Good build quality

Stuff I like less

  • Sibilance
  • Has harsh frequencies that can get irritating at times

Comparable products to consider


An IEM that competes with the KZ EDX regarding price and sound.

First Impressions

The unboxing experience was nothing special. 

The KZ EDX came in standard packaging, which is just a simple side-loading box that’s common with other budget brands like TRN and QKZ. 

I did like how simple the box is compared to my other budget IEMs. The graphic design on the front was well thought out, so kudos to KZ for this.

This is my second time buying this product, as my old one broke on me after a year or so of heavy use. There needs to be more of an update on how it looks, but it’s still appealing for the price.

Build Quality

Since the KZ EDX’s shell is made of resin, I suggest being a bit careful and not abusing these IEMs too much as they can get easily damaged. They can be more fragile compared to other budget IEMs.

This had happened to me before with my first pair of EDX IEMs, as I wasn’t taking good care of them.

With this second purchase, I was surprised that KZ had updated the cable to a silver-plated one. This new cable feels a lot more robust compared to the ones on my first pair of EDX. 

In addition, this new cable was a lot more forgiving to the skin. I’ve experienced some itchiness because of the cable on my old pair of EDX IEMs.

KZ EDX Transparent Resin Cavity
Features transparent resin cavity | Make Life Click

The build quality is good overall, which is made much better by the updated cable. These IEMS would definitely last long if you take good care of them.

Anyway, for the price of these things, it won’t be that big of a problem if you break them because you can easily replace them.


The KZ EDX was comfortable enough, and I didn’t encounter any issues other than the fit of

the ear hooks, as they feel a bit tight for my liking. 

I also didn’t have to change the ear tips as the pre-installed ones fit well and were good enough for me.

Sound Quality

Upon testing the KZ EDX, I immediately noticed its high and biting lows. 

When I first had these IEMs, I was blown away by the bass frequencies as they could retain the detail I was missing when using earphones of lesser quality. But years have passed since then, and my preference and knowledge have developed, so my impression of these IEMs didn’t last. 

The lows are still punchy, but they were fatiguing for me. The higher frequencies were also no stranger to this as I experienced sibilance and other harsh frequencies regarding the highs.

It felt like it was all over the place.


The bass on the KZ EDX packs a punch and stands out in a mix. The only problem is that they tend to overpower other frequencies when listening to bass-heavy music. 

The sub-bass extension was pretty fair and there was nothing special to them.

With DAC Chip equipped with advanced reconstruction filters | Make Life Click

They also suffer from mid-bass bleed. This annoys me sometimes but considering their price, it’s just me being nitpicky so it’s not a big issue.


The mids were recessed at some of the tracks I’ve listened to, which is quite a bummer as some

details can get lost. 

There are certain scenarios where this issue can be manageable, such as tracks with only a few midrange instruments.


The treble on the KZ EDX is very biting, which some people may like. The vocals are present, and it could retain details in the high frequencies.

Since I’m treble-sensitive, there are times that I did find the treble on the KZ EDX to be fatiguing as I was encountering what I think is sibilance. I felt like this was quite harsh for my ears so I had to swap them out with my other pairs as my ears.

Music Listening Impressions

I’ve tested the KZ EDX against different genres of music to see where it would work best.

I’ve listed the various genres below and why the EDX works well with these genres. These are my findings:

  • EDM – The KZ EDX worked best with EDM as its biting treble frequency highlighted the hi-hats and other instruments that sit on the high frequencies. The bass is also substantial in the mix, making it a great pair to listen to EDM tracks as they sound full upon testing. Tracks used: Drip (Boombox Cartel, Dillon Francis, Desiigner), Pay No Mind (Madeon, Passion Pit)
  • Rock – The bass was very present in the mix. At times it was overpowering the mids, but for this genre, it still sounded enjoyable. The guitars were recessed for my liking, but the drum bass and kick compensated for the mids. Tracks used: No One Knows (Queens of Stone Age), Man in the Box (Alice in Chains), Them Bones (Alice in Chains)
  • Funk – Similar to the genres above, the KZ EDX highlighted the bass instruments in the tracks. In the song “Them Changes”, the treble made Thundercat’s vocals pretty present, which was quite enjoyable for me. Tracks used: Dean Town (Vulfpeck), Them Changes (Thundercat)

After testing the KZ EDX, I discovered that its elevated lows and highs work best with fast-paced and lively-sounding genres.

KZ EDX Detachable Cables
Comes with detachable 2-pin cable | Make Life Click

Gaming Impressions

When trying these IEMs out for gaming, I tested them for two things as a rule of thumb: sound imaging and sound separation.

The KZ EDX has a fair amount of details retention. The sound imaging and sound separation were good enough to discern sound cues when playing competitive games such as Counterstrike: GO and Valorant. 

Overall, the KZ EDX could perform well enough for casual gaming.


The KZ EDX’s price really sets it apart from other IEMs. 

For what they’re priced at, these IEMs are a great contender if you’re looking for better IEMs.

Sicanal KZ EDX Earphone 1DD Dynamic in Ear HiFi DJ Monitor Headphone Sport Noise Cancelling Headset (Without Mic, Clear Gray)

These IEMs tick all the boxes, plus they’re tuned well, they look great, and they have good build quality. Of course, the main highlight is their highly affordable price.

If you’re just starting to get into the audio hobby, the KZ EDX is a safe option for your first pair of IEMs to use and abuse, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

KZ EDX Detachable Cables
Sound Quality
Build Quality
Comfort and fit
Value for money
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