Latest Sigberg Audio MANTA Wideband Cardioid Monitors

Sigberg Audio MANTA

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You might not know about Sigberg. If that is the case, Sigber Audio is based in Norway, and the company offers high-end audio devices in the market. 

It is specifically known for active loudspeaker systems, and the Sigberg Audio MANTA is the brand’s latest offering.

Sigberg Audio came into existence in 2020. And ever since, they have been offering quality subwoofers and loudspeakers in the market. 

Sigberg Audio MANTA
Source: Sigberg

One thing that makes their offerings unique is the outlook. And as a HiFi brand, their products do not fail to impress the users regarding performance.

So, what is excellent about the Sigberg Audio MANTA? First of all, the active loudspeaker system utilizes cardioid speakers

The traditional speakers found in the regular modes radiate sound in all directions. And in the lower frequencies, the sound is pretty much all over the place.

Sigberg Audio MANTA
Source: Sigberg

For that reason, you get less oomph on the sound from the listening position. Also, traditional speakers are known for suffering from reflections from the walls to the rear and side of the speakers. 

That eventually leaves you with an overall distorted sound. The Sigberg Audio MANTA can handle all of these issues with the cardioid radiation pattern. 

In fact, according to Sigberg Audio, the MANTA can offer an “exceptionally wide frequency range without loss of efficiency.”

Sigberg Audio MANTA
Source: Sigberg

That means that less amount of energy is directed to the rear and side of the speaker. And the listener eventually ends up with a sound full of energy.

Besides that, the Sigberg Audio MANTA has a very eye-catching design. Sigberg Audio designed it from the states as a statement product. And the same thing goes for the internals.

It also has a similar design language to its sibling, the Sigberg Audio SBS.1 active speaker. But the main thing is that the Sigberg Audio MANTA is designed to pair up perfectly with a subwoofer. 

Sigberg Audio MANTA
Source: Sigberg

Here’s what Sigberg Audio has to say about this, Despite having a 12” driver, the MANTA has an F3 of 90hz. This means it’s essentially a 4-way speaker system and integrates perfectly with our subwoofers.”

You also have multiple options when it comes to setting the MANTA up. For example, you can use the stainless steel stand and get an overall flush installation. Or, you can tilt the speaker to 4 degrees to get a unique look.

Finally, regarding technical specs, the Sigberg Audio MANTA has a very attractive sheet. The frequency response range is 20-20,000hz with a sub. 

It has RCA Analogue and XLR balanced input port. And there are many other things that make it a tremendous high-end addition to the lineup of Sigberg Audio.

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