Introducing Fyne Audio Vintage Five and Vintage Fifteen at Bristol HiFi Show

Fyne Audio Vintage Five and Vintage Fifteen

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The Scottish HiFi brand Fyne Audio is ready to unveil two new HiFi products at the Bristol HiFi Show. And with the launch of Vintage Five and Vintage Fifteen, the retro-style Vintage series is about to see two more great additions.

Like the rest of the lineup, the Vintage Five and Vintage Fifteen will come with a retro-style outlook. And like their siblings, they will be packed with high-tech internals. So, what can you expect from the new additions?

Let’s first start with the Vintage Five. It is a stand-mount loudspeaker, which, as the name suggests, is developed around a 5-inch driver. 

Fyne Audio Vintage Five and Vintage Fifteen
Source: Fyne Audio

Fyne Audio has utilized the IsoFlare driver for the speaker. And combined with the engineering and materials technology inside, the driver will be able to fully satisfy the demands of its customers.

The small yet powerful speaker is also all about making a statement with the 70s retro-style outlook. 

It will blend perfectly in with the other old-school devices that you might have in your setup. In fact, the modern touch to the design will even let it perfectly pair up with modern-looking devices.

Fyne Audio Vintage Five and Vintage Fifteen
Source: Fyne Audio

Secondly, you have the Fyne Audio Vintage Fifteen. It remains at the other end of the speaker scale spectrum. How so? It utilizes a fifteen-inch driver. That is, it is much larger than the Vintage Five.

In fact, according to Fyne Audio, the Vintage Fifteen comes with the most potent, largest, and most dynamic IsoFlare driver available in the market. 

So, in short, the Vintage Fifteen is no joke regarding audio performance and power. Now, what is all the deal about the IsoFlare driver of the Vintage Fifteen? 

Fyne Audio Vintage Five and Vintage Fifteen
Source: Fyne Audio

There are many great things. Firstly, it employs a 15 inches multi-fiber cone mid/bass driver.  And it integrates the premium 75mm titanium dome from Fyne Audio. Then, there’s the neodymium motor compression tweeter.

Finally, the driver is fed from the highest specification of Fyne Audio and comes with Deep Cryogenically Treated crossover.

Besides the driver, the Vintage Fifteen from Fyne Audio is built into a huge twin cavity. There’s also ported birch ply cabinet that is wrapped in walnut veneers. 

Fyne Audio Vintage Five and Vintage Fifteen
Source: Fyne Audio

These veneers have burr walnut inlays. And let’s not forget to mention that the speaker comes with the finest trim and machined metal components.

In short, you will be amazed at the performance and looks of both speakers. But the Fyne Audio Vintage Fifteen will definitely steal the spotlight at the Bristol HiFi Show. You can find both in rooms 304 and 306 at the show. So, if you are there, do check them out!

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