Lenco LS-600WA: The Ultimate Turntable?

Lenco LS-600WA

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The Lenco LS-600WA is one of the audio products that has managed to steal the show. And one thing that makes it stand out is that it’s not actually a pure vinyl spinner.

Instead, the LS-600WA is a turntable and a speaker that comes as a single unit. So, with it, you get everything you need to get your records playing right out of the box.

For those who’re looking for specifics, the Lenco LS-600WA is a turntable with built-in amplification. It can offer a total power of 60 watts. In addition to that, you get a pair of stereo speakers that can stream wirelessly.

Lenco LS-600WA
Source: Lenco

When it comes to wireless streaming, the Lenco LS-600WA utilizes Bluetooth 5.0. Thanks to that, you don’t need to use a disc to listen to music with the setup. You can also play directly from your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled source.

In addition to wireless connectivity, the Lenco LS-600WA comes with a pair of RCA connections. They’re at the back of the turntable.

Through these ports, you can hook an external application unit or active speakers if you want to. But it’s not like that you’ll need to hook it with anything. After all, the LS-600WA is an all-in-one unit.

Lenco LS-600WA
Source: Lenco

Regarding the vinyl support, the LS-600WA has 45 and 33 RPM speed settings. It comes with a moving magnetic cartridge, the Audio Technica AT-VM95E. Also, you’ve a metal platter, anti-skating control, and a carbon fiber tonearm.

In short, the Lenco LS-600WA is a complete package that eliminates the need for multiple extra boxes on your setup. And while it’s an all-in-one package, it doesn’t fail to deliver a class-leading audio performance.

According to Lenco, the LS-600WA can deliver “clear and powerful sound” and “rich, immersive audio to transport the listener back in time.”

Lenco LS-600WA
Source: Lenco

Besides, the Lenco LS-600WA bundles with a removable dust cover, allowing you to keep the looks pristine. You also get the usual in-box features, which include a slip mat and a counterweight.

On the note of the looks, the LS-600WA has a rather sleek outlook. It’s available in a walnut finish, which can make your audio setup look eye-catching.

For those wondering, the announcement for the LS-600WA comes right after the unveiling of the three new turntable models from Lenco at IFA 2023. For those who missed it, this trio includes the premium LBT-345 spinner, the LBT-355 turntable, and the LS-470 record player.

Lenco LS-600WA
Source: Lenco

However, among the four new turntables, the Lenco LS-600WA is unique and has more eye-catching features. But you can’t just grab one right now if you’re in the US.

Lenco plans to roll it out in the US market in 2024, while the AU will get it in 2023. But yes, it’s now available for purchase in the UK.

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