Logitech K380 Wireless Keyboard Review – Is It Still Worth Buying?

Logitech K380 Keyboard

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Release Date
‎September 3, 2015
423 g
124 x 279 x 16 mm

As we all know, Logitech is a well-known brand that designs and manufactures different peripherals equipped with the latest technology.

And in this article, I will talk about their product from 2015, which is the Logitech K380 wireless keyboard. It was originally priced at $40 when it was released but now it’s around $30 on Amazon. Some online stores also sell it at a cheaper price.

Let’s see if this keyboard can compete with modern mechanical keyboards and if it’s still worth buying in 2023.

Best Value

Logitech K380

Released in 2015 but can still compete in today’s market

Price Range: $
Brand: Logitech
Logitech K380 Keyboard on top of a table


Despite being released way back in 2015, the Logitech K380 is still a great option if you want a keyboard that you can bring anywhere – thanks to its slim and minimalist design.

For a price of around $20 to $30, depending on where you get it, you’ll get a very compact and light keyboard with low-profile ergonomics that’ll save you from sore hands while you’re typing. It also supports multi-device pairing, saving you time from manually pairing your different devices.

The K380 is the perfect keyboard for people who work and travel simultaneously. It’s also suitable for small setups as this keyboard doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The Specs

  • Power Source:  AAA Batteries
  • Connection Type:  Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth Multi-Device Pairing:  Up to 3 Devices
  • Range:  Up to 10 meters
  • Warranty:  1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

What’s in the Box?

  • Logitech K380 Keyboard
  • 2x AAA Batteries (pre-installed)
  • User guide
  • Warranty information

Stuff I like

  • Compact and light
  • Versatile and budget-friendly
  • Round keycaps
  • Programmable hotkeys and multi-device pairing

Stuff I like less

  • Can’t use for gaming because of the bad latency
  • No backlights
  • Non-rechargeable

Comparable products to consider

No products found.
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard offers a low-profile design and excellent comfort, with two variants available.

A Bit of a Background

I’ve been using the Logitech K380 for a while now – I’m also using it to write this review. I bought got this keyboard because I was having difficulty typing with my laptop’s keyboard. 

My laptop is placed on a stand to elevate its screen so I can have a better view of it instead of laying it flat on my table. And one problem arose after putting my laptop on a stand – the keyboard was also elevated and reaching for it made my wrist hurt.

This led me to look for wireless keyboards online until I stumbled upon the Logitech K380.

The minimalist approach of the K380 caught my attention. It has round keycaps, great color combinations, minimal footprint, and is portable. It also has two versions, with the first one being released in 2015 with buttons designated for Windows, and the other was released in early 2020, which is for Mac with its designated buttons.

Both versions work fine with either computer. The only difference is the legends on the keycaps.

Logitech K380 Keyboard Keys
Made of a solid and durable plastic material | Make Life Click

First Impressions

The Logitech K380 comes in a simple rectangular box with the product specs and information printed on it.

Opening the box shows the K380 wrapped with plastic. There’s some paperwork, such as the warranty and instructions on switching devices quickly with just a single press. The K380 also comes with pre-installed 2 AAA batteries and according to some reviews online, these will last for up to 2 years (I hope so).

Build Quality

The Logitech K380 is made up of plastic but seems pretty durable. Its keycaps are ABS, with a low-profile scissor-switch, similar to Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It also doesn’t produce much noise when typing unless you’re smashing them.

There are no Numpads in the K380, which is okay for me. This may be a deal breaker for other users working with the accounting or management side as they type numbers faster with the Numpad.

The arrow, top row, and arrow keys have this slightly concave type of build, making it easier to navigate and find the right key to press. The K380 also has this, I think, 5-degree incline compensating for the keyboard’s absence of height adjustment.

An LED indicator beside the On / Off toggle is also available, and if it turns red, it means that the battery is dying anytime soon.

Using the Logitech K380

Everything went well since I started using the Logitech K380. It has a very low profile ergonomics that I didn’t need to use a wrist rest. Its height is non-adjustable, but I think it’s perfect for me as everything is comfortable. 

It also has 4 rubberized feet, keeping the keyboard firm while I’m typing. I find this very useful because my cats always go crazy in the middle of the night, and sometimes they bump into one of my stuff at the table.

Another feature worth mentioning is the On and Off toggle on the keyboard’s left side. This helps a lot in saving the battery.

Logitech K380 Keyboard Batteries
Powered by two replaceable AAA batteries | Make Life Click

My laptop’s keyboard has backlights which keep my efficiency and accuracy in typing during nighttime even without lights. Sadly, the K380 isn’t backlit but I got the hang of it, and it’s not much of a problem anymore typing in a room without lights.

Bringing the K380 outdoors was a delight, especially in my architecture class. It’s lightweight and very slim, plus it easily fits in my backpack with my laptop.

I also had no significant problems with the circular keycaps, even though this was my first time having a keyboard with circle-shaped keys. My only concern was the close distance between the Caps Lock button and the “A” button. I sometimes accidentally click the Caps Lock button when typing.

Besides that, everything is excellent with the K380. It may not offer the best typing experience but it’s definitely comfortable, and I see myself using this keyboard more for a long time.

Logitech Options Software

If tweaking is your concern with the Logitech K380, there’s software compatible with both Windows and Mac. It’s named Logitech Options or Logi Options+.

This software lets users customize how the function keys should act. They can be set as default function keys or assigned with different commands. The Logitech Options software also lets you disable specific keys like Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, or even the Windows Key.

Additionally, there’s also a backup feature for the keyboard’s settings so I can download the backup file and apply it if I’ll be getting a new PC or Laptop. The software also has an indicator for the Keyboard’s battery level.

Gaming with the Logitech K380

I tried playing TEKKEN 7 with the Logitech K380 and I wasn’t disappointed or impressed. 

The K380’s arrow keys are too small for gaming, though most gamers prefer using WASD controls. Also, there’s a bit of a delay with the input, making it hard to finish my combos. What’s nice, though, is that it can support multiple inputs, which my “GAMING” Laptop’s Keyboard can’t do.

I won’t recommend the K380 for gaming if your game needs you to react in a split second.

Logitech K380 Keyboard connected to a tablet
With round keycaps | Make Life Click

Multi-Device Pairing

The K380 supports up to three Bluetooth connections, making switching to the preferred device easy. I tried switching from my Laptop to my iPad to see how fast the K380 would respond. To do this, you just need to assign your devices to the F1, F2, and F3 keys.

Switching on your preferred device is also effortless. Just press the F1, F2, and F3 keys, then witness the magic yourself. The LED indicators above the F1, F2, and F3 keys can guide you so you’ll know which device the keyboard is paired with.


The Logitech K380 is a very decent all-rounder keyboard. With its slim and lightweight design, it’s an excellent option for students or even travelers who needs to work on the go.

The Multi-Device Pairing feature is well-thought for a keyboard like this. It saves a lot of time and prevents you from re-pairing your keyboard to another device. And if the advertised battery life of the K380 is somewhat accurate, I think I’ll prefer this more than constantly charging my keyboard.

So, should you get the Logitech K380 this year? Yes. It has a great performance and is even better than those other pricier keyboards on the market today.

Logitech K380 Pebble Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard – Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV Compatible – with Flow Cross-Computer Control and Easy-Switch up to 3 Devices –Dark Grey
Logitech K380

Logitech K380: FAQs

Is the Logitech K380 rechargeable?

No, but you can change its batteries. Logitech stated that the pre-installed batteries can last up to 2 years.

Can the Windows Version of the Logitech K380 pair up with my MacBook?

Definitely! Both versions of the K380 are compatible with either Mac or Windows. The only difference is the legends on the keys.

Logitech K380 Keyboard connected to a tablet
Logitech K380
Build Quality
Battery Life

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As a part-time musician, Shaik enjoys expressing his self creatively through music. Whether it's writing original songs or performing covers, music is a significant part of Shaik's life

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