Lorenzo Audio Labs LM2: A New High-End Loudspeaker From a Well-Known Spanish Brand

Lorenzo Audio Labs

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Lorenzo Audio Labs is one of the high-end artisan loudspeakers and HiFi brands that is based in Granada, Spain. And the brand has just recently announced its new flagship speaker at High-End Munich, which took place earlier this year. 

At first glance, you will have no doubts about the premium nature of the finish that this high-end loudspeaker boasts. The speaker is indeed an art piece.

But the premium outlook is not the only thing that should make you check out the LM2 from Lorenzo Audio Labs. The sound quality is pretty impressive as well. 

Lorenzo Audio Labs
Source: Lorenzo Audio Labs

Nonetheless, the LM2 is the second largest loudspeaker model from the brand. It has a pretty robust three-way design, which according to the brand, is designed to offer virtually the same sound quality as their flagship model.

Although the LM2 is considerably large in size, Lorenzo Audio Labs designed it for smaller rooms. But given the potential of the loudspeaker, you will get a fairly impressive performance from it even in relatively large setups.

The Cabinet of the LM2 is 62 mm wide, which the brand manufactured using phenolic laminated wood. It also features elastomer in a constrained-layer construction. Lorenzo Audio Labs had made the speakers go through a 5-axis CNC machinery process, which makes it get a premium build quality.

Lorenzo Audio Labs
Source: Lorenzo Audio Labs

You will also find hand-turned bass reflex ports. The brand has opted for special tonewood for those. And the cabinets are all covered with natural wood veneer, which the brand has carefully selected for durability and beauty. 

According to Lorenzo Audio Labs, the speaker is handcrafted by a fourth-generation craftsman. So, you can understand how much precision and care the speakers have got throughout the process.

On that note, you can request the speakers on other wood finishes. The brand has opened up options for that. That said, the Panzerholz wood pieces that are on the speakers are designed in-house by the brand. 

These pieces are placed in crucial places to improve the overall sound quality. The critical places include the nuts and bolts on the speaker connectors, insulating discs on the feet, and solid pieces holding the drivers. All of these eliminate the need for metal screws.

Lorenzo Audio Labs
Source: Lorenzo Audio Labs

When it comes to drivers, Lorenzo Audio Labs utilizes drivers that have alnico magnets and paper cones. The brand has opted for high-grade compression drivers to ensure stellar sound quality

Also, the speakers come with a hand-welded passive crossover that does not have printed circuit boards. You will also find components from Jupiter, Duelund, Pathaudio, and Mundorf in the crossovers.

Finally, the internal wiring is of high-purity copper, gold, and silver. There are solid feet on the model, which, again, are designed in-house. And they do a proper job of removing external vibrations.

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