McIntosh MDA200: The Definition of Futureproofed HiFi DAC!

McIntosh MDA200

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Futureproofing is technically not a thing for the digital market today. Yes, it is undoubtedly possible to upgrade some aspects of the device. 

However, sooner or later, the support for upgrades eventually dies off. But McIntosh is here to one-up the definition of futureproofing with MDA200.

At its core, the DAC has a fully replaceable module, which you can swap up when a new upgrade is available. That means you might not have to buy a separate device anytime soon if you get it.

McIntosh MDA200
Source: McIntosh Labs

The main aim of the McIntosh MDA200 is to protect users against future changes in the audio industry. And considering the way that audio technologies keep evolving, this is a huge statement.

Inside the McIntosh MDA200, you will find the DA2 Digital Audio Module. This module is the same one that is on the C2700 preamp, C53 preamp, and MA12000 integrated amp.

But the main highlight of the module is that you can swap it out with a new module when it comes out. And according to McIntosh, the MDA200 can last for several years, if not decades.

McIntosh MDA200
Source: McIntosh Labs

However, this is not the only futureproofed device that McIntosh has released. The C49 preamp has the same story. It also aims to eliminate the need to upgrade preamplifiers after each year.

Nonetheless, other than the DA2 Digital Audio Module, you will find a quad-balanced eight-channel digital-to-analog converter inside. This 32-bit converter aims to enhance the total harmonic distortion and enhance dynamic range substantially.

Furthermore, the converter has support for hi-res audio. And most importantly, there is support for native DXD to 384 kHz and DSD playback, which is up to DSD512.

McIntosh MDA200
Source: McIntosh Labs

Also, both optical and coax inputs of the McIntosh MDA200 to have support for up to 24-bit/192 kHz PCM.

On that note, you will get a total of seven digital inputs in the McIntosh MDA200. There are two optical, two coaxial, one MCT, one USB, and one audio-only HDMI ARC. That last one will be handy when you hook the DAC up to a TV.

McIntosh MDA200
Source: McIntosh Labs

The MDA200 also has Roon Tested certification, and the certification is from Roon Labs. Wondering if the DAC has analog inputs or not? Well, it does; unbalanced and balanced analog inputs are available. 

Basically, you have many options for connecting the DAC to a source, which is a convenient feature.

Want to get yourself futureproofed with this DAC? Well, you will need to do a little bit of waiting. The DACs are available for orders, but no official shipping date is available. But, considering it is up for orders, shipping will surely start very soon.

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