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MEE Audio MX1 PRO without Cables

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Release Date
May 21, 2019
7.7 oz
6.38 x 4.65 x 1.73 in

One of the earphones I’ve been looking for in my audio journey is the “everyday carry” earphone. 

This is a pair of earphones that has the sound quality and durability that I can trust to bring with me wherever I go. 

In my years of searching, I feel like I’ve found one such earphone that just might fit the bill: the MX1 PRO from MEE Audio. It’s one of the four units from the lineup of modular pro-in-ear monitors from MEE Audio. 

As the name suggests, these earphones are meant to be used by stage performers, session drummers, and the like, and are meant to withstand the rigors of touring.

Best Value


An excellent all-rounder that manages to fit all but the most discerning of use cases.

Price Range: $$
Brand: MEE Audio


Bringing pro audio inspiration to a mass-market price, the MX1 Pro is an entry into the serious earphone market that’s excellent enough to leave on.

The MX1 PRO’s sound signature can be described as “mass-market” with its relatively balanced sound. Its soundstage may be lacking because it feels cramped but it doesn’t really hamper the overall listening experience. Plus it already has so much to offer given its price.

At $60, the MEE Audio MX1 PRO is a great pair of earphones that adequately suits the listening needs of many people

The Specs

  • Headphone Type:  Closed-back in-ear monitors
  • Driver Type:  Single 10mm dynamic driver
  • Frequency Response:  20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Max. Input Power:  30 mW
  • Sensitivity:  103 dB/mw @ 1 kHz
  • Impedance:  18 Ω @ 1 kHz
  • Cable:  Removable 1.3m cable
  • Connector:  2mm DC to 3.5mm (1/8″)

What’s in the Box?

  • MEE Audio MX1 Pro earphones
  • Audio cable
  • Headset cable
  • Carrying case
  • 3 pairs of single-flange silicone ear tips (S/M/L)
  • 1 pair of double-flange silicone ear tips (M)
  • 1 pair Comply T-200 memory foam ear tips (M)
  • Carabiner clip
  • 3.5mm to 6.3mm connector adapter

Stuff I like

  • Strong, punchy bass
  • Inoffensive sound signature
  • Generous accessories package
  • IPX5 water resistant
  • Lots of customization options

Stuff I like less

  • Treble could be a bit brighter
  • Soundstage feels a bit cramped
  • No aftermarket cables available
  • Memory wire takes some getting used to

Comparable products to consider

M6 Pro
MEE Audio M6 Pro (2nd Generation)

Offering near-identical performance at a retail price of $10 lower, the 2nd-gen M6 PRO places a lot of pressure on its own successor’s value proposition.

Each of the earphones in the lineup has slightly different tunings, slot into different price tiers, and have the driver counts to match. Priced at $60, the MX1 is the cheapest model of the four, featuring a single dynamic driver that’s tuned for general monitoring and everyday listening.

Before the MX PRO series, MEE Audio had already released two generations of the M6 PRO, a “pro audio” variation of their then-sports-focused M6 earphones.

Given that the original M6 PRO retailed for $50, we can therefore look at the $60 MX1 PRO as a third-generation product of sorts. 

First Impressions

The MX1 Pro’s packaging is small and relatively simple. 

Unboxing the thing will greet you with the earphones and a box insert that contains the semi-rigid carrying case. Inside that are all of the many, many accessories you get with the MX1 PRO, adding a ton of extra value to this $60 package. 

Specifically, you get two cables (one with a remote, one without), five pairs of ear tips, a connector adapter, and even a carabiner to let you hook the case onto a bag.

MEE Audio MX1 PRO Driver Module
Comes with a single dynamic driver | Make Life Click

Build Quality

The MX1 PRO offers admirable build quality as expected of a pro-oriented earphone. Each component looks and feels well put together, with extended strain reliefs on the cables, the use of thick plastics, and a locking mechanism on the connector.

As mentioned earlier, the MX1 PRO (and by extension, the entire MX PRO line) is a modular earphone, which improves its long-term durability as it lets you buy replacement parts down the line.

However, this kind of “modular” isn’t all that impressive once you look into it. Unlike some other modular earphones that give you tuning filters and other options, the only “modules” you can actually replace are the cables, the customizable faceplates, and the ear tips. 

If that just sounds like most earphones nowadays, that’s because it is.  


I’ve had my pair of MX1 PROs for a bit over 2 years at the time of writing this review. 

With this different experience with them, I can attest that the earphones have managed to hold up quite well despite the thrashing it’s received over the years.

I can’t quite say the same about the cable, though. Even though it remains functional, the plastic jacket surrounding the copper wires of the cable disintegrated about a year after they were taken out of the box. The same happened to the other included cable. 

MEE Audio MX1 PRO without Cables
Features detachable cables | Make Life Click

Not a problem, you might think – after all, MEE Audio sells replacement cables for about $10 apiece. However, the MX PRO line uses an unusual 2mm DC connector for their earphones instead of the more common MMCX or 2-pin standards.

This means you can only buy replacements from MEE Audio and nowhere else. Anyone looking forward to buying more durable cables, then, is out of luck.


In terms of fit, the MX1 PRO was one of the more accessible earphones I’ve owned. Outside of those who specifically don’t like IEMs that loop over the ear, everyone I know who has tried the MX1 PRO has had no issues putting the earphones on.

For me, however, they do produce a bit of pressure in the ears after a couple of hours or so. The included Comply foam ear tips do solve this issue, but given their material, they tend to fall apart in a few months and prompt further purchases.

Given the finicky nature of ear shapes, I suggest trying the earphones out in a store when possible.

Sound Quality

The MX1 PRO’s sound signature is what I would describe as “mass-market” as it’s a relatively balanced sound with the exception of a boosted bass section. 

I describe it as such because it’s able to fit the target sound that most average listeners are looking for. Let’s go into it in more detail.

MEE Audio MX1 PRO Stylish Faceplate Design
Personalize your MX PRO with faceplates of your choice (purchased separately) | Make Life Click


The bass, to me, is both the strongest and weakest aspect of the MX1 PRO. 

On the one hand, it is big, loud, and thumpy which is the perfect combination to manage most modern music from Charlie Puth’s “BOY” to K/DA’s “DRUM GO DUM”.

On the other hand, the MX1 PRO has a bit of trouble holding its bass back in songs that are mastered with a bass-heavy tilt. Kan Sano’s “Nightfly” and Fox Capture Plan’s “Blue Planet” are good examples of this.


The MX1 PRO’s midrange is excellent for IEMs at this price point. It’s well balanced with an even tone throughout that serves both male and female registers. Darren Korb’s “In The Flame” is a duet with Ashley Barrett that sounds sublime on the MX1 PRO. 

The balanced midrange mainly allows these earphones to perform as well as it does with a wide range of genres. 


The MX1 PRO’s treble has a fairly soft presence in the overall sound signature, which is a bit of a departure from the typical V-shaped sound most “consumer” sounding earphones go for. As a result, the MX1 PRO ends up sounding very smooth and inoffensive, without any high tones clawing at your ears.

GYARI’s “RRRepeat!” has a very prominent drum kit with bright, sparkly cymbals used throughout; the MX1 PRO dulls this down so that it isn’t too in-your-face while still retaining the key details.

MEE Audio MX1 PRO Accessories
Comes with a lot of accessories | Make Life Click


Even the MX1 PRO, as close to perfection as it gets to what I consider the average listener’s sound preference, still has its shortcomings. 

In its case, the soundstage is where it falls short. “The Dawn that Lights This Dreary World” by Meine Meinung features haunting vocals that would normally fill the headspace. For whatever reason, though, the MX1 PRO pushes Eriko Iwasawa’s voice unusually far back.

This soundstage gives the earphones a rather cramped feeling, especially when listening at lower volumes. While the soundstage can be a big deal for some listeners, it ultimately doesn’t affect much in the context of an IEM that already offers so much for its $60 price tag.

MEE Professional MX1 PRO Advanced Dynamic Driver Musician's in Ear Monitor Headphones with Balanced Sound; Noise Isolating Earbuds Earphones w/Memory Wire, Optional Customization & Detachable Cables
MX PRO In-ear Monitors


The MEE Audio MX1 PRO is a very competent pair of earphones that’ll fit the needs of a very large chunk of listeners’ tastes. 

Providing great sound quality and durability in equal measure at a highly competitive price point, the MX1 PRO does everything well enough for me to bring it around wherever I go – fitting the bill for an “everyday carry IEM” like a few else.

Build Quality
Sound Quality
Value for Money
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