Meet the New Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition

Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition

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With the debut of the brand-new Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition, the audio specialist is reinventing a deck that the brand debuted back in 1999.

But it’s not just a simple redesign. Instead, Pro-Ject brought it back with modern engineering techniques and modern components.

At the core, the new Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition brings a fresh take on the ‘6.9 Perspective’ turntable that made the audio specialist enter the high-end space. It follows the success of the budget-friendly 1 and 2 spinners that debuted in the early 90s.

2 Pro Ject Perspective Final Edition
Source: Pro-Ject

For the time, the old Perspective brought an amazing value. As a matter of fact, it still sits comfortably among the top turntables that Pro-Ject has debuted throughout its time.

The new Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition aims to achieve the same success as its predecessor. And for those wondering what the “Final Edition” naming is all about, it’s mostly about Pro-Ject paying “homage to its illustrious past.”

In addition to that, as the name suggests, the “Final Edition releases are just that, final, signaling the touchdown of a model’s manufacturing arc.’

3 Pro Ject Perspective Final Edition
Source: Pro-Ject

While the build of the Pro-Ject 1 and 2 are focused on rigidity, the previous Perspective prioritized isolated principle. It had a tonearm and platter on the sub-chassis spring, which remained isolated from the main chassis.

The new Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition has the same design blueprint. That means it comes with a transparent base.

But it enjoys enhanced stability, thanks to the decoupled sub-chassis that’s coupled with three adjustable springs.

4 Pro Ject Perspective Final Edition
Source: Pro-Ject

This setup takes care of unwanted vibrations that usually happen while transferring to the needle. To enhance the vibration isolation further, the Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition rests on height-adjustable aluminum spikes.

Another factor where the new Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition made an advancement is the motor. It features a two-speed motor that’s electronic speed-switch-controlled.

This motor replaces the muti-motor solution that enables the vinyl to spin at different tempos when the users want it. Also, there’s a new cartridge. It sits at the end of the nine-inch tonearm. This carbon-fiber tonearm is the Ortofon 2M Bronze.

5 Pro Ject Perspective Final Edition
Source: Pro-Ject

To complete the package, the Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition comes with a personalized certificate of ownership. The unit also ships with a dust cover, which will help to keep the spinner in good shape when not in use.

If the customers want it, Pro-Ject will offer a serial-numbered plaque for the deck. This will make the unit truly special. Overall, the Perspective Final Edition truly has what it takes to repeat the success of the original. And for those wondering, the unit is about to go on sale this month.

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