Monitor Audio Set to Change the Game, this Time with Platinum 3G-Series

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G-Series

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Monitor Audio celebrates its 50th birthday by introducing new speakers! Platinum G-Series, the latest offering, stands out among the others with new, best-priced offerings for all.

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Monitor Audio introduced Silver Hundred Limited edition and Concept 50 at the beginning of the year. And with the advent of the Platinum G Series, the brand improves and innovates its offering by a few notches!

So how many models does the series offer? Well, they have four models: Platinum 300 3G flagship floor-stander; Platinum 200 3G mid-sized floor-stander; Platinum 100 3G stand-mount; and Platinum 250 3G center-channel. 

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G-Series
Source: Monitor Audio

The models host either a two-channel hi-fi or a multi-channel home theatre system that enhances the elegance of the series.

This new speaker series by Monitor Audio lets the users enjoy Micro Pleated Diaphragm (MPD) and also allows users to adjust to the surrounding. In addition, the transducers let you easily and swiftly surround sound with the beats.

MPD III, developed to mitigate distortion problems and take care of the frequency response, also improves the soundstage and sensitivity. MPD III also makes for a much clearer, more consistent sound for your ears. Now, that is something to latch on to!

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G-Series
Source: Monitor Audio

What’s more, the speakers also get support from the Rigid Diaphragm Technology (RDT III) cone of the midrange and bass drivers. 

Monitor Audio ensures that the models feel comfortably light and also robust. This results in the lowest distortion of any speaker of this Monitor Audio to date!

Platinum 200 3G and Platinum 300 3G models provide smooth sailing across the frequency range and a crossover that feels much more consistent, thanks to the MPD III tweeter.

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G-Series
Source: Monitor Audio

Also, Monitor Audio’s Dynamic Coupling Filter (DCF) features improved control of cone breakups, with larger and more powerful Neodymium magnets. The DCF also gives an underhung voice coil, and the new motor system can better handle power. 

These can also reduce internal standing waves. The center-channel speakers, inspired by Monitor Audio’s THX-certified Cinergy Theatre series, delight you with their power handling capacity, backed by a large voice coil. It feels perfect for movie soundtracks.

Now, what colors are to expect? The exterior designs of the series feature three finishes: Piano Ebony, Piano Black, and Pure White Satin. Besides the looks, the design and engineering improve these systems’ sounds.

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G-Series
Source: Monitor Audio

Also, the Front profile reduces much of the diffraction with its curve. And, the tension rods ensure the maintenance of the drivers to the cabinet. This results in a steady, vibration-free cabinet.

All these innovative and improved features come at slightly hefty prices, though. The Platinum 300 3G costs around $15,500 per pair. The Platinum 200 3G costs around $12,000 per pair. And the Platinum 100 3G and Platinum C250 3G, per pair, costs you around $6,000 and $5,250, respectively.

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