Musical Fidelity MX-Stream: The Bit-Perfect Streamer

Musical Fidelity

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Musical Fidelity has been around for a reasonable amount of time. But as a HiFi brand, the company did not offer any high-end streamer or network bridge. 

Well, that changed with the MX-Stream. It is technically-correct hardware and optimized software design that will support an extensive range of streaming providers. And the great news is that it can connect to any USB 2.0 compliant DAC.

The device from Musical Fidelity comes with an optimized and customized digital circuitry. The engineering team has put an extensive amount of effort and time into optimizing the circuit to the maximum level. 

Musical Fidelity
MX-Stream; Source: Musical Fidelity

For example, each PCB unit inside has its power supply unit. There are high-end voltage stabilization components present in each as well.

Moreover, Musical Fidelity has integrated an upgraded CPU that has an audio-optimized clock. Also, the audio files that will pass through the detox section will not have any unwanted interference, which will lower the noise level of the track.

In terms of the software, Musical Fidelity MX-Stream utilizes specialized software that will offer access to a large variety of streaming-focused solutions. 

That includes Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, and even internet radio. You can even easily access the music tracks that are present in USB drives or NAS solutions. 

Musical Fidelity
MX-Stream; Source: Musical Fidelity

In fact, it will even be possible to rip and automatically tag your CD library if you want to. You just need to attach an optical disc drive to one of the USB ports available on the Musical Fidelity input side.

Furthermore, the MX-stream also has full support for Roon. And Musical Fidelity has gone through the hassle of offering one-click integration. Connecting the device with the Roon ecosystem will become a piece of cake. It even has support for Bluetooth and UNDP/DLNA.

Regarding audio formats, the MX-Stream can handle audio tracks up to 32-bit / 384 kHz PCM and DSD 256. The onboard playback software and operating system will automatically enable a 1:1 bit-perfect audio transfer. There will be no need to carry out any tweaks.

Musical Fidelity
Source: Musical Fidelity

However, when you do not want to stream through a network, you can connect your computer to the UBS Type-B input.

To make the connection, you just need to flick the USB/PC switch that is on the front panel. In such a configuration, all of the music that your computer will play will get the benefits of the detox process that the MX-stream is capable of offering. 

In order to offer easy operational and control experient with the MX-Stream, Musical Fidelity brought an app. You can even connect and control it through the web browser if you want to.

That said, it will sit externally from the amplifier and DAC when you want to use it as a network bridge. And it will leave the option to allow other elements of the setup to change, which can happen pretty naturally as audio technologies advance.

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