Elipson XLS11: The Latest Addition to the Heritage Range


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Elipson, a well-known French audio specialist, has announced the latest addition to its Heritage series: the Heritage XLS 11. However, these loudspeakers are not your regular run-of-the-mill speakers. Instead, they are highly unique and are packed with high-end features.

To start with, it features the same 1970s aesthetics that was present on the XLS15. Although that speaker was launched in 2020, the wooden cabinet and three-way design are still pretty unique to the speaker market. 

Source: Elipson

However, do not let the classic look fool you. The speaker is packed with modern tech and components. The Elipson XLS11 comes with an 8-inch cellulose brass driver from the 12-inch version of the XLS15. That is a much more expensive speaker in the lineup. 

However, the silk dome tweeter takes inspiration from a flagship model, the Prestige Facet range. It is 0.8 inches, and Elipson is combining the best bits of both a flagship model and an expensive one is amazing.

So, with all of these high-end components, what does the Elipson XLS11 can bring to the table? According to Elipson, the loudspeakers will bring “pleasure and enjoyment to all genres of music.” 

Elipson XLS11
Elipson XLS11; Source: Elipson

And the good news is that you will have total control over the music’s sound. There are options to personalize the sound by making tweaks in the amplitude of the mid-ranges and high-ranges by 2 dB. It is yet another amazing feature of the speaker.

Thanks to the design, the vintage vibes are already at the maximum level. However, if you want to ramp it up higher, you can get an optional foot with the package. 

Those are specially designed to increase the angle and raise the speakers. And they will ensure optimal overall “acoustic phasing” as well.

Source: Elipson

That said, it does not mean that the Elipson XLS11 will not sit on the floor properly if you do not get the optional feet. They will! In other words, the optional feet are “optional” indeed. 

So, if you do not want to harm your wallet by making a pretty expensive purchase for raising the feet of the speakers, you will not need to!

Source: Elipson

Now, if you are wondering why Elipson is bringing out retro-looking speakers on the market, you need to know that they are not the only ones. JBL recently announced the L82 Classic, another speaker that goes back to the past. 

Then, there is Mission 770. It is yet another example of how good-looking speakers can also sound good. And other HiFi brands can soon release more speakers that will come with a classic look in the future.

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