MyFirst CareBuds: Is it the best AirPods Alternative for Kids?

MyFirst CareBuds

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Brands have started taking wireless earbuds for kids pretty seriously, and MyFirst CareBuds is a proper example in this regard. At first glance, the earbuds look pretty similar to Apple AirPods.

As a matter of fact, if you don’t consider the bright colorway of the earbuds, they are pretty much like AirPods. But while Apple AirPods are not a safe option for kids with small and sensitive ears, the CareBuds come with proper kid-friendly features.

Among them, the first highlight is that the MyFrist CareBuds feature built-in hearing protection. The drivers of the buds are limited to 85 dB, which is within the safe range for kids.

MyFirst CareBuds
Source: MyFirst

To be exact, the World Health Organization recommends that kids not be exposed to sound higher than 85 dB. But it’s not just the built-in loudness limiter that makes the CareBuds a good pick for kids.

In addition, the wireless earbuds come with extra-small tips. The smallest one that bundles with the box is 9.4mm, perfect for kids with smaller ears.

To make the CareBuds more suitable for kids, MyFirst has opted for an IPX4 rating. This rating makes the buds great for rainy days and makes them capable of easily handling water splashes.

MyFirst CareBuds
Source: MyFirst

Moreover, the MyFirst CareBuds feature motion-activated transparency mode. So, it’s not like the kids will be completely blocked out of environmental noise when the noise-canceling feature of the buds is doing its work.

This motion-activated transparency mode will basically keep the kids safe when they’re outdoors. Also, there are easy controls on the earbuds.

Thanks to that, kids don’t need to struggle one bit to pause, play, skip, and change the volume of the playback.

MyFirst CareBuds
Source: MyFirst

Regarding battery life, the MyFirst CareBuds can last for up to 25 hours with a full charge. Of course, that runtime rating is with the charging case.

On the note of the charging case, it comes with USB-C, letting your kid easily plug the carrying case into the wall when the battery reaches 0%. And the charging case doesn’t take long to charge from 0% to 100%, it takes just 1.5 hours!

Regarding the outlooks, the MyFirst CareBuds are available in a wide range of colors. There are some fun and bright options and some sober color options as well.

MyFirst CareBuds
Source: MyFirst

So, it doesn’t really matter what type of color your kids like. There’s something for pretty much everyone.

More importantly, the MyFirst CareBuds are cheaper than regular wireless earbuds. It’s way cheaper than Apple AirPods, which is what the earbuds look like. They are so cheap that losing a pair wouldn’t be too financially devastating for you.

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