Nagra x Audeze: Model I Closed-Back Monitoring Headphone

Nagra Audeze Model I Closed-Back Monitoring Headphone

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Model I is the new release Nagra has been working on for some time. The brand has collaborated with Audeze, one of the industry leaders in planar magnetic technology, to meet the customer’s demand. 

And it seems like the collaboration was well worth it. Nagra has designed Model I by keeping portable records in mind. 

At its core, it is a closed-back headphone that does not sacrifice one bit in isolation. And when it comes to recording, isolation is all a mixer needs.

Nagra Audeze Model I Closed-Back Monitoring Headphone
Source: Nagra

For the design, Nagra was much influenced by portable audio recorders that utilize batteries. Those do not have what it takes to accommodate a full-fledged headphone amplifier. And mixers who use those do face a lot of limitations for this.

To make sure that Model I is exactly what the targeted audience is looking for, Nagra surveyed the market. The team came up with a custom solution that met the customers’ demands. 

And to ensure a smooth and stable delivery of that solution, the brand teamed up with Audeze. But what does Model I has to bring to the table? The monitoring headphones offer a very accurate timbre and wide bandwidth. 

Nagra Audeze Model I Closed-Back Monitoring Headphone
Source: Nagra

With the headphones, the images of the music will seem more 3D with instruments. And the voices of the audio will appear in front instead of the user’s head.

In addition, you will be pleased to learn that the headphone comes with a rugged case. Thanks to that, you can carry these monitoring headphones pretty much everywhere.

Now, if you are wondering what monitoring headphones are, they are designed to sound accurate. Although they have specific criteria that make them sound pleasing. However, they are primarily for authentic sounds. And that is exactly what Nagra is aiming to offer.

Nagra Audeze Model I Closed-Back Monitoring Headphone

Nonetheless, Nagra did not announce anything about the specs of the headphone. That means you just have to assume that the brand did things for now. 

But the headphones will debut soon! The team plans to announce the headphone at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention 2022.

The convention is going to take place in New York, and Nagra will debut the headphone along with Audeze. So, if you want to see the headphones in action, you should consider visiting the convention.

Nagra Audeze Model I Closed-Back Monitoring Headphone

The brand will also announce the pricing of the closed-back headphone. And after that, you can make close comparisons of the other alternatives that are within the same price range.

But considering the fact that the team has surveyed the market, Model I can be hard to beat.

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