Audio Physic Avantera: A High-Tech Floor-standing Loudspeaker that You Should Check Out

Audio Physic Avantera Floor-standing Loudspeaker

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The German brand, Audio Physic, is finally here with its latest floor-standing loudspeaker, the Avantera. This speaker came into existence earlier this year in the High-End Munich show. 

And the brand has finally made it available to the world. Many things make the Avantera a high-tech floor-standing loudspeaker. 

First, you need to consider the fact that Audio Physic has integrated many developments from the Cardeas. And the brand was highly praised for those.

Audio Physic Avantera Floor-standing Loudspeaker
Source: Audio Physic

Secondly, Avantera comes with multiple new advancements and innovations. Then, there is the fact that the speaker is built like a tank. 

It is basically a four-way speaker that features a multi-sandwich enclosure. Inside, you will find an asymmetrical section that is of a high-tech honeycomb sandwich.

On the other outside, the speaker has either a wood veneer panel-elastomer or a glass-elastomer composite. The choice of materials makes the overall enclosure of the Avantera highly rigid and durable.

Audio Physic Avantera Floor-standing Loudspeaker
Source: Audio Physic

The construction choices lean heavily on internal damping, which is pretty high for Avantera. Also, the cabinet struts are of ceramic foam elements and high-tech honeycomb panels.

Furthermore, the choice of tweeters is pretty much on point. Audio Physic has opted for HHCT III+ tweeter. And the audio specialist chose a mechanically isolated plate for the tweeter. That makes the tweeter totally decouple from the cabinet.

Let’s not forget that the midrange driver, Audio Physic HHCM SL+, operates without a spider. And the same thing applies to the new Audio Physic Double Surround bass/midrange drivers. They, too, work without a conventional spider.

Audio Physic Avantera Floor-standing Loudspeaker
Source: Audio Physic

Audio Physic has revised the contacts for the midrange and tweeter. The team has equipped them with WBT Plasma ProtectTM connectors. In fact, Audio Physic has also redesigned the terminal. They are now improved with WBT nextgenTM binding posts.

All the capacitors of the floor-standing speaker are newly developed. And they all can withstand long listening sessions. Also, they have a copper foam contact.

As already known for the Cardeas, the Audio Physic PowerTrain transfers kinetic energy with high efficiency. Combined with the centreless drivers at its heart, it can offer natural music reproduction that you will have nothing to complain about.

Audio Physic Avantera Floor-standing Loudspeaker
Source: Audio Physic

Finally, the overall outlook of the Audio Physic Avantera is quite exquisite. They come in Glass Black and Glass White finishes.

Also, two premium finishes are available: the Rosewood High Gloss and Black Ebony Gloss. And as you can guess, the premium finishes will cost higher.

Now, if you want to get these high-end floor-standing speakers for your home theatre setup, you do not have to wait long. Audio Physic is making them available for purchase in late November.

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